All-Natural Lash & Brow Enhancer

Wink Natural Cosmetics All-Natural Lash & Brow Enhancer

Wink all-natural lash and brow enhancer was developed by a group of cosmetics-crazed students at MIT. Although the product was originally developed for their own (beauty) benefit, the results from testing were so undeniable they had to share the product with the world.

Wink works with your natural lash and brow growth cycle to stimulate growth in dormant follicles, while strengthening the lashes and brows you already have. In testing trials, Wink was shown to increase eyelash fullness in 100% of participants. Additionally, eyelashes increased by up to 20% in length, due to Wink’s conditioning effects. Wink was also shown to regrow eyebrows in patches where brows had previously stopped growing, due to over-plucking.

Wink all-natural lash and brow enhancer is created with you in mind. We use the finest ingredients nature has to offer for this special serum. Wink is minimally processed and free of: parabens, prostaglandins, hormones, phthalates, sulfates, GMOs, synthetic fragrances and synthetic dyes. There are no scary side effects with this hypoallergenic formula. You don’t have to worry with Wink!

Product Application

To activate your Wink pen, turn the bottom several times until a small amount of liquid comes to the tip. Once a day, after removing all makeup, click the pen and gently glide it along your lash line or eyebrows to apply the growth serum.

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