Beautiful Flat Stiff Brush USD 23.50

Beautiful Flat Stiff Brush

This brush is made of premium quality natural hair and has rounded edges. The brush has smooth, firm bristles to flawlessy apply both powder and cream eyeshadows to the lid area.

Product Application

Use this brush to apply any type of eyeshadow. Cleanse regulary.


Goat hair


Head Over Heels Nail Lacquer USD 14.00 / 0.28 fl oz. (Original size)

Head Over Heels Nail Lacquer

We get a spring in our step from the Dutch beauty brand’s adorably packaged nail lacquer. Promising a super smooth application and glossy texture, it boasts at least three days of staying power. Colors will vary.

Product Application

Allow the brush to fan out over the nail as you sweep it toward the tip. Always work from left to right, this way you are sure not to miss a spot.