Top Three Tips: Affordable Makeup And Beauty Ideas

Everyone loves multitasking products that save you money and create less clutter. How about a moisturizing treatment that will smooth skin and eliminate rough patches on the lips, face and body? Try the 100% natural and organic Figs & Rouge Lip, Face & Body Balm, a steal at $6.00. Packed full of nourishing ingredients such as shea butter and essential oils, the balm comes in gorgeous Art Nouveau printed tins that will brighten up any handbag.

Essential oils aren’t just great moisturizers, they also smell lovely making them a great low cost fragrance. Buy in bulk and use your favorite scent in an oil burner for an easy air freshener!

The Best Affordable Makeup Multi Tasks

The latest beauty trend, BB cream, is also a multi tasking wonder. The innovative formula promises to moisturize skin, even skin tone, treat blemishes, provide SPF protection, and give skin a radiant glow, all in one step. A convenient and affordable makeup item that is especially handy when travelling. Try the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream for added oil control properties and a medium to high coverage. This Korean based company has now become a cult brand worldwide.

Beautiful Eyes On The Cheap

An eye palette is another affordable cosmetic product as it combines many different eye products into one. Try the Senna Mineral Eyes Shadow Trio which combines a contour, eyeliner, and highlighter in one for $24.00. The trio comes in two unique colors variations – the perfect palette for creating a colourful smokey eyed look all in a silky mineral powder. An eye palette can go even further by using a slightly damp eyeliner or eyeshadow brush – this will turn any powder eyeshadow into a darker liquid color wash.

Got an old eyeliner pencil that is dry and difficult to apply? Instead of throwing it out, you can save the eyeliner by simply heating up the tip with a hairdryer or lighter prior to each use. This warms up the oils in the product so that your eyeliner will glide onto your skin like new.


Affordable Makeup Tools

Quality tools are important for applying makeup correctly. Even a drugstore brand product can look like a million dollars when applied with care. After saving your money with multitasking products, you don’t have to splurge too much on tools if you know where to look.

Quality makeup brushes don’t have to cost the earth. And you can even be kind to the environment whilst saving money too. You can find many brushes made from recycled materials and using synthetic bristles, rather than animal hair, which are much easier to clean. Due to better technology the look and quality is now on par with traditional brushes, and can be constructed at a fraction of the cost.

When looking to buy a styling tool such as a hair straightener, keep in mind that some tools can be used to create a number of looks. A hair straightener with a curved body can used to created wavy or curly hairstyles, as well as dead straight locks. Look for models with ceramic plates and a fast heat up time, for shiny and long lasting styles.

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