Trend Report: Makeup Subscriptions For Busy Women

In a world where we can already order everything from groceries to beauty products on the internet, online subscription services are now making the home delivery experience even easier.

A beauty samples subscription can save you hours of shopping

These services take over the role of choosing individual products, and based on a provided guideline of customer preference, delivers a curated selection on a regular basis. A makeup subscription is an ideal gift for the busy woman who still wants to look beautiful.

Advantages Of A Makeup Subscription Service

The beauty industry is well suited to this business model – new products and innovations are added frequently and flood the market with options.

Successful women often feel the pressure to always strive to be ‘bigger and better’ in both their work and social life, and also keep up appearances. Modern women who use makeup daily are inundated with choice, and although they desire to keep up with new trends, often other tasks in daily life take precedent.

Now with a beauty sample box, the busy makeup lover doesn’t have to compromise between pampering themselves and taking time out from a busy day. Women don’t have to feel guilty about spending time on buying beauty products. With a beauty samples subscription, the box is delivered so women can sample makeup at home, which is where they will be using it most.


Subscription services also exist for male grooming products, clothes and accessories, pregnant mothers and babies, and even for your beloved pet. The one thing they all have in common, making them attractive to consumers, is the time saving benefits. Time saved by not having to travel to various shops and search the shelves can be better spent on more important things.

What Do You Get In Your Beauty Sample Box?

A beauty samples subscription such as GLOSSYBOX includes a minimum of 5 generously sized makeup, skincare, perfume, or hair care samples from popular international and niche beauty brands. The subscription model keeps the monthly price at a flat rate, which is always less than the cost of purchasing each item separately, often much less than half price. Some items included in the box are even full sized, further increasing the retail value of the box.

The brands and products in GLOSSYBOX are aimed to be both effective and luxurious. You’ll receive products that would interest even a seasoned beauty editor, rather than products available at any drugstore. There’s no doubt, you hardly be able to wait until your next delivery arrives!

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