Try Before You Buy – The Importance of Beauty Samples

Buying makeup is sometimes an overwhelming ordeal. Dozens of nail polishes in every color of the rainbow (and some offbeat ones), fifteen different blush brands in another twenty shades, loads of eye shadow and skin creams, hair products, lip sticks, glosses, shimmers, and stains.

With so many options, it’s naturally difficult to know where to begin, especially when you have no idea about quality or price. The great thing about beauty samples is that you have the chance to try an assortment of beauty products until you find just the ones you want. This is especially handy when trying to find what is the best mascara for you, as water based products have a short shelf life and a full sized product can often go to waste.

Beauty Product Samples: The Best Things Come in Small Packages

Everybody loves an unexpected surprise– like a surprise trip to the Caribbean or a piece of spectacular cheesecake, or your parents making a surprise visit your home the morning after a huge party. All right, so not all surprises are good surprises – but here’s one surprise that’s great every time: awesome travel-size beauty samples delivered to your door every month.
Check out GLOSSYBOX – a handy service that does all the hard work of finding the best high-end beauty products out there and sending them to you in one beautifully wrapped box.

Try beauty samples obligation free


All you have to do is open it and enjoy the makeup inside! Is there a better way to sample beauty products?

Not All Beauty Samples are the Same

Of course, you should choose a beauty box service with great care, where you know you’re getting only high quality products. You want to be sure that an expensive Agnès B eyeliner is going to last all day before you purchase a full pencil or see whether that a Lancôme blush looks good at the office. Nothing is worse than buying makeup only to find the color is too light or maybe even turns orange halfway through the day!

GLOSSYBOX beauty boxes contain the best hair products and cosmetics from up-and-coming cosmetics companies to assemble a fabulous collection of new beauty samples each month. It’s a fantastic way to try new brands, rediscover old goodies and truly find the best beauty products for you.

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