Make Like a Pro with Professional Beauty Supplies

Maintainting a perfectly polished appearance 24/7 can be expensive, and sometimes regular supermarket products may just not cut it for the more discerning of beauty lovers. However keeping your bathroom cupboard fully stocked with the best products can be as easy as stealing a few supplies from the professionals. These beauty essentials from the pros can often make your beauty routine much easier and also save you money in the long run.


Wholesale Size Beauty Supplies

Makeup, skin care and hair products commonly used by makeup artists and salon professionals often come in bulk sizes. However the larger portions are also great for use at home, if you have larger family, want to share with friends, or are just a committed user of the product.

Professional sized containers of salon shampoo and conditioner is a great way to save money and cut down on packaging. You can either check your local salon, or often a cheaper alternative is to buy your beauty supplies online from a wholesale store.

If you’re an at home hair coloring pro, it is usually a good idea to source bulk sizes of bleach, toner, and your favorite dye. When kept separately, hair coloring products can last for months, but never keep or reuse products that have already been mixed together as they lose their effectiveness soon after the initial chemical reaction.

Other products that often come in handy in bulk are hair spray, hair removal wax, body lotion and fake tanner. You can always decant the product into smaller travel sized containers for when you’re on the move.

You Can You The Tools The Pros Use

No longer do you have to make a salon appointment to get perfectly sleek hair, coiffed curls, or an even glowing tan. Companies that once only sold exclusively to salons  have now realized the huge demand for professional quality products for the regular consumer.

During the global financial crisis the number of woman trading their salon appointments for at home styling increased, and so did the demand for top quality tools. You can now easily purchase professional tools and beauty supplies online such as hair straighteners, curling irons, and even spray tan kits that you would normally find in a beauty salon.

Professional beauty supplies are now available to the public

An eyelash curler is a simple tool that is indispensable in makeup artists kit’s and also for users at home. Curled lashes instantly open the eyes for a pretty, feminine look. Choose a quality curler that wont lose it’s shape or spring after extended use – the professionals will often keep curlers for many years only changeing the rubber pad when it wears out. Curlers with a rounded rubber pad are best for the most natural looking curl – you can find refills at any department store makeup counter.

The size and curve of a curler is also important, as it should suit your eye shape, so choose a shallow or deeply curved curler accordingly. Many of the top eyelash curlers  the pros use are by department store brands available to the public ranging from $20-$40. And always remember, take care when using any tools near the delicate eye area and surrounding skin.

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