The Best Concealer For Dark Circles

What is the best concealer for dark circles?



Contrary to popular belief, most dark under eye circles aren’t caused by lack of sleep or dehydration. Pigmentation under the eyes is usually caused by excess melanin produced by the skin, which is mostly hereditary. They can also be caused by dilated blood vessels becoming visible under thin or aging skin. Whatever the reason, for many women covering up dark circles is a constant struggle.

It can be tricky finding the right concealer for under eye circles. For mature or dry skin, the formula needs to be blendable enough so that it doesn’t settle into fine lines. For those with dark pigmentation, coverage needs to be opaque enough to really cover dark circles and brighten up the eye area.

When applying concealer always be gentle. The skin around the eyes is delicate, so any rubbing or tugging can damage the skin and create more wrinkles. Use a special concealer brush with soft bristles, or your ring finger to gently apply product under eyes. Always look for a highly pigmented product as they require less rubbing to apply, and are better value for money. Retail sizes of concealers are typically small, however if you purchase a high quality, pigmented product, it will last a long while.

The Best Concealer For Mature Skin

For mature or dry skin, a heavy concealer will only highlight the appearance of wrinkles and uneven skin texture. Rather than trying to hide circles, a light reflecting formula is the best concealer for older skin. These work to reflect light away from the skin which provides a ‘soft focus’ so the appearance of wrinkles is minimized. Light reflecting concealers are also of a thin, highly blendable consistency so they will resist creasing and ‘cracking’ that can occur on dry or rough skin textures.

Moisturizing mature or dry skin is also very important before applying concealer. This will help concealer to glide onto skin and to be blended more easily. Although skip moisturizer on your eyelids, this will only cause your carefully applied eyeliner and eyeshadow to slip and slide. And skip finishing powder on the under eye area, as this can accentuate fine lines.

The Best Concealer Shade For Dark Circles

According to makeup artists the best concealer for dark circles is a peach or salmon toned concealer. This counteracts the blueness of under circles, as the colors are at opposite ends of the color spectrum and is great for covering up severe pigmentation. Although, this is only recommended when used underneath foundation, as you don’t want to end up with obviously colored circles under your eyes! If you skip foundation, and just wear tinted moisturizer or BB cream, then an opaque formula in a shade the same tone, or slightly lighter, as your skin is recommended.

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