Ask The Experts: The Best Foundation For Oily Skin

A great foundation is the basis of a polished makeup look, and finding the right type if you have oily skin raises various questions. Is it possible for foundation to look fresh all day on oily skin? What type of foundation will last all day and nigh,t and keep shiny skin at bay? Read on for the GLOSSYBOX expert picks on the best foundation for oily skin for all occasions.

Oil Free Vs Powder Foundation

When looking at liquid foundation, always look for an oil free type so the finish is as light as possible. A light liquid foundation is best as heavy layers of makeup only make oily skin worse. When applying liquid foundation always use a clean makeup brush or sponge, as oils from the face are transferred onto tools with each use. The advantage of an oil free liquid foundation is that the finish is the most light and natural looking and can be applied easily with fingertips.


A sheer powder foundation can either be used as a finishing powder over foundation, or on it’s own. The Illamasqua Powder Foundation is renowned for it’s sheer, soft and silky formula that provides buildable to medium coverage. For those without major blemishes a light dusting over moisturized skin is all that is required to even out skin tone and smooth skin texture.

Mineral powder foundation has long been attributed with being healthier for oily, and acne prone skin. Mineral formulas don’t sink into pores, therefore there is less risk of congestion and blemishes.

The Derma Mineral Powder Foundation from Ofra provides a long lasting, velvety finish. The minerals also provide natural physical sun protection, helping to protect the skin again sun damage and wrinkles.

We recommend the best foundation for oily skin

Foundation For All Seasons

Some skin problems can be seasonal. A combination of sun, heat and outdoor activity can inflict upon the skin excess oil, sweat and congested pores. Similarly, the chill of winter can dehydrate the skin, overindulgence during the festive season can result in dehydrated and uneven skin. Usually, oily skin is more of a problem during the summer months, however dehydrated skin will often produce more oil to compensate, regardless of the season.

For those who need a darker shade in summer and a lighter shade in winter, the Senna Mineral Mix Cover & Finish is the perfect choice. The duo color compact allows you to customize the shade to your changing skin tone. The darker shade can also be applied as a contour. The coverage is medium to full, and with the pigmented formula, a little goes a long way.

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