The Best Makeup Brushes For A Flawless Finish

The best makeup brushes for all looks


For an easy natural look, makeup application with fingers is a common and popular method. However, do you ever wonder how the professionals get such an airbrushed appearance when applying makeup? Well it’s not always down to Photoshop, as a set of the best makeup brushes are makeup essentials for a flawless finish in professional photo shoots.

Various brush sizes exist to be used on different types of the face – eyes, cheeks, face, lips, and brows. Professional makeup brushes also come made in different materials, such as the brush handles. However with a few simple tips it’s not difficult to work out which brushes you need for your look.

What Are The Best Makeup Brushes For Foundation?

The answer lies in what type of foundation you are using. The general rule is that for liquid foundation you need a brush with a synthetic bristle as the brush won’t soak up too much of the liquid. Alternatively, a natural bristle works best for powder foundations such as mineral makeup.

A densely bristled brush is best for foundation as it is less likely to leave tell-tale streaky brush marks. And as with all tools used to apply makeup to the face, brushes should be soft and gentle, as anything too stiff will scratch and irritate the skin.

What Are The Best Makeup Brushes For Eyeliner?

The majority of liquid eyeliners will come with a built in applicator which can be a miniature brush or a felt tip pen type brush. However if the built in brush doesn’t work for you don’t hesitate to use the product with a separate brush which may be easier to use and better quality.

There are two types of brushes used to appy gel and liquid eyeliners. The first is the angled eyeliner brush which is a flat brush, ? of an inch in width, with the bristle lengths cut at an angle to fit the curve of your eyelid. This is generally known as easier to use for many first time users as the brush edge is used to create an easy line. The angled length of the brush is also the best way to create a cat’s eye flick.

Then there is the eyeliner brush which has the appearance of a miniature paintbrush, with which it is usually easier to get a tiny tight line against lashes. Although it takes a bit of practise to get a precision line.

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