What Are The Best Skin Care Products For Women?

The best skin care products for women are simple

A fixture in beauty magazines and beauty websites are the annual ‘Best Beauty Products’ awards. Catatories include best skin care products, best hair care products, and best makeup. Products range from bargains to investments that beauty experts lend their opinion on to decide the top must haves for women that year.

As much as I love a good top ten list, the best skin care products for women are surprisingly simple and unchanging. A facial sunscreen containing a high SPF would have to be one of the most important skin care products for anti-aging. Apart from hereditary aging, sun damage is the greatest cause of premature wrinkles. So always look for a daily moisturizer that contains a SPF of 30+.

Natural Skin Care Products For Women

For some of the best skin care products for women look no further than mother nature.

Products that contain natural oils such as Jojoba Oil and Camellia are excellent moisturisers. The composition of these oils are very similar to the skin’s naturally occuring sebum, and are therefore readily accepted by the skin.

Natural oils are also used in the increasing popular Oil Cleansing Method which works on the principle that oil breaks down and removes dirt and oil on you skin without drying it out.


Don’t Forget To Cleanse

Speaking of cleansing, a cleanser that removes all traces of dirt and is one of the makeup essentials in any beauty routine. No matter how tired you might be at the end of the day, going to bed with your makeup still on is one of the worst, and most common, beauty crimes that women make.

An exfoliant should be added to your cleaning routine once or twice a week. A exfoliating scrub will help to loosen excess skin and reduce the occurance of clogged pores and black heads. Although care should always be taken not to over scrub as this can damage the skin’s surface leading to dryness and irritation.

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