The Best Tanning Lotion For A Natural Glow

Even in the summer months many of us need some extra help to achieve bronzed, glowing limbs. A healthy looking tan evens out skin tone and can even you give a slimmer appearance. Follow our GLOSSYBOX expert guide for avoiding the the over tanned ‘Jersey Shore’ look and fake hours spent lazing on a tropical island.

The first step is to choose the right self tanner for your skin tone. Especially if you are fair, avoid anything resembling an orange hue as this produces a suspiciously fake tan color. A brown hued tanning lotion is much better for achieving a natural look and suits all skin tones.

It’s also always best to choose a fast drying lotion for being able to get dressed quickly on those busy mornings. And for those days when you just can’t wait for your fake tan to develop, a tinted tanning lotion is great for some instant summer color.

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How To Apply Self Tanner

To achieve the best finish when applying tanning lotion, good preparation is key. Only ever apply tanner over clean, exfoliated skin and remove body hair first for best results. Dirt and dead skin can prevent tanner from sinking in properly, and can even cause the product to accumulate on the surface causing a patchy finish.

If you have dry skin it’s always a good idea to apply a body lotion on problem areas such as knees and ankles beforehand, as this will prevent tanner sinking in too quickly and ‘staining’ those areas. Applying moisturizer to hands willalso help prevent stains to palms, or disposable plastic gloves are recommended if you want to be avoid all discoloration and protect your manicure. When applying lotion make sure that all areas of the the body receive an equal amount of lotion for a uniform finish.

The best tanning lotion for all skin types

And make sure not to forget areas such as the backs of knees, under arms, and behind the ears, or you’ll end up with obvious white patches!

Give lotion plenty of time to dry before dressing. If you don’t have enough time wait, consider wearing dark clothing and use dark bed sheets to avoid any annoying stains.

The Best Tanning Lotion For The Face

When going for a bronzed look beware one of the cardinal sins of tanning – a bronzed body with a white face. One of the reasons for this is that many women like to avoid even using the best tanning lotion of their face, for fear that the formula will break them out. For a matching bronzed complexion without the risk of blemishes, try a special oil free bronzer designed for the face.

A powder bronzer such as HydraSunRays by Beauty Addicts can easily be dusted over pale areas, perfect for matching the skin tone of your face to the rest of your body. The silky formula means that the finish is never cakey, even after multiple layers are applied. A powder bronzer is also great for oily skin types as it will absorb excess oil.

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