Top Three Tips: Buy Makeup Samples And Beat The Crowd

Traditionally, makeup samples come as a gift with purchase or handed out at in store events. Now many brands are producing makeup samples that are worth much more than the small versions that are handed out for free, and for a small fee you can get your hands on these exclusive samples. If you know where to look, you’ll be able to try out the latest exclusive products before anyone else!


Not All Samples Are Created Equal

Ever get a seemingly generous product sample at the makeup counter only to find out when you get home that the sachet is mostly filled with air? This can be frustrating, as it is difficult to determine if a product is right for you without at least a few uses.

Matching the perfect foundation to your skin tone requires viewing the color match in various lighting. And a common issue is women who have long hair receiving hair product samples that are insufficient for just one use.

There is often little quality control to oversee samples given out free of charge. They are often not stored in the same conditions as products used to stock shelves, so the product is often not at it’s best when you sample it, often giving a misrepresentation of the product’s actual performance. Often samples can be past their use by date and therefore unsafe to use, however this does not prevent them from being readily handed out to the public.

Buy Makeup Samples To Get The Best

Sometimes, it’s worth paying a little extra to get the best before the rest! Why wait, when you can have have brand new, luxury brand samples right now? Your friends will be green with envy that you’ve gotten your hands on the latest Illamasqua products before they’ve even heard of them.

Buy makeup samples and get more for your buck

Your Personal Beauty Editor In A Box

When you choose to buy makeup samples you will receive a more more generous size, suitable for multiple uses at home or even for travelling. These are different than the regular travel sized beauty products available as those are usually only made for drugstore brands. By purchasing samples that are created especially for high end brands you’ll get to try out products that aren’t even available in store yet, for just a fraction of the cost.

With a GLOSSYBOX subscription, it’s like having your own personal shopper for beauty products. You’ll get to try out the latest products, just like the makeup artist professionals and beauty editors. Once you’ve found your favorite products you can then easily buy them with GLOSSYBOX online.

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