GLOSSYBOX is Your Source for Cosmetic Samples

Finding the best cosmetics is simply a matter of how many products you try. But this is an expensive process. Luckily, most makeup companies manufacture cosmetic samples you can try to get a feel for the product without buying a bigger version. It’s a great way to save money and enjoy new makeup.


Finding Shampoo Samples

Just as no hair is the same, no two shampoos are exactly alike. You may also want to switch shampoos depending on the season and your activities. It’s a good idea to try out a few different samples before buying to see what are the best hair products for you. Avoid shampoos that leave your hair too dry. Maybe you’ll find a shampoo sample with the just the right smell for summer. Who knows where the world of hair products will take you?

Mineral Makeup Samples

Mineral makeup is widely known to be one the best skin care products for women with sensitive skin as it contains more natural ingredients and less irritating chemicals.

Cosmetic samples let you try before you buy

Products from different brands have many different compositions, so it doesn’t hurt to try mineral makeup samples when you can. Not everyone likes the look and feel of mineral makeup, either. Test mineral makeup samples before buying the expensive full-size versions so you don’t waste money on cosmetics that don’t work for you.

Cosmetic Samples to your Door with GLOSSYBOX

GLOSSYBOX sends you a makeup box containing five travel-sized cosmetic samples each month. But these aren’t just any beauty products! The beauty experts at GLOSSYBOX only source the best very products. Each box is a custom-tailored experience to guide you through the world of beauty. Entrust your makeup sampling to GLOSSYBOX for a sensational experience you never imagined could be possible.

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