What Exactly are Makeup Boxes?

If you’ve been keeping up on the latest beauty trends, you’ve probably heard about beauty boxes. There are a number of services that promise to do all that and more. But just what is a beauty box? Are they right for you?

A makeup subscription service send you a collection of new makeup products each month in a single package. A typical makeup box might include perfume samples, shampoo samples, lipstick, mascara and more. It’s a great way to try a bunch of beauty products in one package and curated shopping is one of the hottest online trends at the moment.


Why Sign Up for Makeup Boxes?

Having a makeup box takes a lot of hassle out of makeup shopping. The contant advertising of new product releases and ‘innovations’ often leaves shoppers with unnecessary products in their makeup kits. Instead of relying on annoying salespeople to choose your makeup or spending hours pouring over labels, a good beauty box service sources the best makeup for you. The beauty samples allow you to try at home where you can decide in your own time what is right for you.  Beauty boxes are also a great way to pamper yourself or give as a gift. 

A makeup box takes the hassle out of selecting new products

GLOSSYBOX: Your Source for New Makeup

You’re not just anyone, so why would you wear just any makeup? If you want the latest and greatest, GLOSSYBOX is for you. We handpick the best new makeup for you each month and send it to your door in a shiny little box. You’ll find exclusive perfumes, new body creams and other high-end cosmetics in each box. Trying new makeup is an exciting yet helpful way to bring out your inner image and always look your very best.

Makeup boxes are for everyone. GLOSSYBOX is the best makeup box because it only includes the best products. Other services just throw whatever makeup they find in a box—GLOSSYBOX is all about finding the very best for you. Because we know our customers won’t wear just anything.

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