Makeup Essentials All Women Should Own

Everyone needs a little advice now and then. Whether you’re a beauty professional or recently decided to invest more time in your personal appearance and makeup, the world of beauty and fashion is constantly changing, so there’s always something new to learn. Even if you know everything there is to know, sometimes going back to makeup basics is just the inspiration you need.


What are the Makeup Essentials?

Always keep the makeup essentials handy. This includes a few shades of lipstick, decent mascara, a blush palette, eyeliner, foundation, concealer and nail polish.  For most hair colours and complexions, a black mascara, a red lipstick and a rosy pink blush is a good basic kit to start with for a night time look. Lip products should be pigmented, yet long lasting.

Of course, the right makeup essentials also depend on the person. Some people prefer more makeup than others. What is a good lipstick for one person might not look good at all on another. Work with your natural look for the best results. And remember quality is not always dependent on price as some cheap makeup brands can perform just as well as designer versions. 

A few makeup essentials are all you need

So trying out as many products and brands as possible is sometimes necessary to find the best makeup for you.

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