Makeup Samples Galore from GLOSSYBOX

Spoil yourself with makeup samples

With the dizzying array of makeup products on the market these days, sometimes it seems like a Herculean task to figure out what is the best makeup to buy. Web reviews sometimes seem contradictory at best and at worst, a hodgepodge of advertisements promising all sorts of miracles.

And braving the cosmetics counters can be risky – especiallly for those susceptible to the persuasive charms of the sales assistants. So how can you know which products are right for you without spending a small fortune on products you won’t use? That’s where make up samples come in.

The Best Make Up Samples from GLOSSYBOX

To make choosing the best makeup easier,  try a makeup subscription that puts together a carefully chosen package of high-end makeup samples for you. GLOSSYBOX’s beauty experts select only the best brands and select your box according to your preferences. For a very low monthly price, GLOSSYBOX ships five or more make up samples from top brands to your door each month.

Products are the newest and best from well known and niche brands that are guaranteed to please. Your sample will arrive monthly in a beautifully packaged, reusable box. A subscription is not only an easy way to treat yourself and try out new products, it makes an original gift for the makeup lover in your life.


Makeup Samples are Fun and Exciting

Besides the usefulness of trying makeup samples, it’s also fun to test new things! GLOSSYBOX is a nice little treat for yourself each month. You not only have the surprise of seeing what’s in each monthly box, but you also you have the chance to test a wide variety of beauty products you might otherwise not have access to. Once you discover the stuff you like, it’s simple to order the full-sized version from It’s easy and practical!

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