The Truth About Organic Makeup

Not all organic makeup products are created equal

The organic movement has been around since the 90s, when an growing interest in environmental awareness meant that there was a demand for food grown without the aid chemicals. Originally a fringe movement, the trend for organic products has now become mainstream, with organic cleaning products and organic beauty products now available.

Similarly, organic makeup products contain natural ingredients that have been produced without man made chemicals. Although it may not have been the case in the past, makeup produced from natural and organically derived ingredients now perform just as well as traditional formulas.There are are now many organic brands and products out on the market, however not all are created equal.

Which Products Are Really Organic?

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulates that for products to display the USDA Certified Organic label they must comprise of at least 95% organic ingredients. From the initial growing stage, to production and handling stages, all processes must be certified organic for the particular product to display the USDA label.  

So the only way to be sure what is truly organic is to only buy makeup with the correct USDA label.

However there are no restrictions against using the word ‘organic’ in a brand or product name even if the USDA requirements are not met. There are also some seemingly natural products which are are actually not as natural as you think. Products without the USDA labelling can contain a small percentage of natural ingredients, yet still contain a large amount of potentially harmful chemicals. Yet there is little to prevent such products being marketed as having natural benefits.

The Pros and Cons of Organic Makeup

Some people are fans of organic makeup for the environmental benefits. For some people, organic products and skin care is one way to cut down on the amount of pollutants entering the body. The skin is the body’s largest organ and products can be absorbed into the blood stream, similar to how a nicotine patch works. Some believe that even absorbing very low doses of chemicals via products place on the skin can contribute to disorders such as infertility over time. Hence organic products are popular with pregnant woman or woman trying to conceive as they are seen as purer and safer.

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Organic skin products are also generally more nutrient rich than traditional formulas, as natural ingredients tend to contain more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are beneficial for the skin.

Although organic makeup and skin care might not be best for everyone as organic does not automatically mean gentle and safe. Sometimes products containing natural components may not be suited to all skin types. Sensitive skin can react badly to natural ingredients such as essential oils, which can severely irritate the skin if high concentrations are used.

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