Unusual Uses For Shampoo Samples

Whilst it may be tempting to use up your product samples as soon as you get them home, if your bathroom is already fully stocked with hair products, why not save those samples for other uses? Shampoo is a great substitute for many common cleaning products, and with a few samples on hand you’ll always be prepared, and save money!


How To Use Your Shampoo Samples

Shampoo samples make great substitutes for a gentle washing detergent for hand washing clothes whilst travelling. Especially for washing your delicate wool or lingerie items, hair products work great on natural fibres. Keeping a few on hand in your travel bag means you’ll never be stuck without clean underwear on your next holiday. Although it isn’t recommended on all fabrics or heavily soiled items as shampoo isn’t designed to thoroughly clean synthetic fibres.

Using shampoo to wash makeup brushes is a common money saving trick. The gentle cleansers in shampoo are perfect for loosening and washing out dirt from your brushes so they stay clean and fluffy. A drop or two of shampoo in a shallow bowl of warm water is all that is required, then rinse thoroughly.

A mixture of shampoo and warm water is also a great way to clean leather jackets, bags and shoes. Other, stronger cleansers can often damage the dye and surface of the leather. Dab a soft cloth in the mixture and gently rub to remove dirt and restore shine to leather goods.

The next time you’re stuck with some young children to entertain, mix together shampoo and water to make a great impromptu bubble making mixture. Simply pour the mixture in a shallow bowl and let kids play away using a straw or coat hanger to create bubbles to their heart’s content!

Where Can You Find Shampoo Samples?

For many women having a hoard of product samples is just for pure convenience. They are the perfect size for weekends away and can just be thrown away after being used. Whatever the reason, there are many places where you can find shampoo samples that you might not have thought of.

Shampoo samples have many uses

When you’re reading your favorite monthly beauty magazines, it can be easy to overlook the product samples that come part of advertisements. The slim, sachets are often designed to fit into the color scheme of the print ad, so blink and you could miss them. Don’t miss the opportunity to collect product samples of the latest beauty releases. Even drugstore brands now are producing close to salon quality products. Once you try them you might be surprised!

Shampoo samples are also common giveaway products at beauty stores and counters. Many are supposed to be handed out with purchases, although this is often overlooked by store employees. If they aren’t automatically included with your purchase don’t be afraid to ask as they often have boxes of samples sitting behind the counter. And don’t be afraid to ask for a few extra for your ‘sister’, ‘mom’, or ‘aunt’!

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