Travel-size Beauty Products from GLOSSYBOX

Let’s face it, cosmetic samples given out as testers from the makeup counter are too small. You don’t want to buy the full size product just to try it, but you don’t want a teaser, either. You need to try a product for more than a few days. Travel-size beauty products are a good in-between size. They’re big enough to last up to a couple of weeks but don’t cost an arm and a leg.


Travel-size Beauty Products from GLOSSYBOX

Meet GLOSSYBOX, the source for travel-size makeup testers from leading brands. The experts at GLOSSYBOX source only the best cosmetic products from both up-and-coming and established brands to find the best makeup for you. Each month subscribers receive a shiny box with five or more travel-size beauty products.
The contents of each beauty box change each month.

Travel-size beauty products are extremely handy

You might find travel-size body lotion one month and exotic shampoo the next. How about an exclusive designer perfume or a luxurious body wash?

GLOSSYBOX is a great way to try the latest in beauty without going broke and find exactly what you need. You get a sizeable amount of make to test and savour, not just a few drops of mascara or a sliver of lipstick. GLOSSYBOX is the best way to try cosmetic products.

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