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Meet Maryam, Blogger Extraordinaire

GLOSSYBOX interviewed famed blogger Maryam Maquillage to find out how she got started in the wide world of beauty. Having collaborated with innovative brands such as Lancôme, Benefit and Maybelline, her expertise runs the gamut.

Tell us about yourself!
Hi, I’m Maryam, otherwise known as Maryam Maquillage on my YouTube, blog and Facebook and MaryamNYC on Instagram and Snapchat. I am a Social Media junkie aka “beauty guru” who loves to film makeup tutorials and connect with people through beauty and fashion.

How did you get into beauty blogging?
I grew up in a very artistic family, so my career path was always naturally paved to be in the arts. It was in my performing arts high-school that I started experimenting with makeup, nail art and fashion by dressing up and using my face, nails and body as a “canvas” of sorts. At some point, I became the “go-to” makeup girl for anything from picture day to school performances. Although this was a big passion of mine, it didn’t fully define me and it was in college that I began to explore my other passion for cultures and languages by majoring in International Relations and Communications. After graduation, I had difficulty finding work that encompassed and utilized all of my skills, so I turned to blogging. My beauty blogging career began initially as a hobby. I wanted to connect with like-minded individuals, but never thought it would turn into what it is today. About a year into the venture, the blog took off and that’s when Lee (@Lee_world), my significant other, jumped on board. Together with his passion for business and advertising, we became partners in this beauty blogging venture. Looking back, it all makes perfect sense now and today, we are both able to find an outlet for some of our biggest passions in life: art, business, fashion, communications and beauty.

What are the biggest trends you see for 2016 in the beauty world?
We’ve seen some of the biggest beauty trends develop from social media in 2015. From matte ombré lips to dramatic contouring and strobing – all these once unachievable makeup artist techniques have become more and more accessible to the general public with the rise of social beauty gurus/teachers. Now more than ever before, non-MUA beauty junkies understand trendy makeup terminology such as “baking” and “strobing” and most can even replicate it on themselves. With that said, this only leaves room for some less explored high-level techniques such as color correcting and extreme reshaping. I also see a resistance movement to 2015 trends, such as glossier looks, dewier skin, and my personal favorite, something I like to call #uncontouring.

What are a few of your favorite products that you discovered through GLOSSYBOX?
Some of my favorite products to date have been discovered through GLOSSYBOX: Glamglow Mud, Ole Henriksen Truth Serum, Missha BB cream & snail sheet masks, Vincent Longo Americana lipstick, Lauren B.5 -free nail polishes, Incoco real nail polish strips, just to name a few…

How do you identify with GLOSSYBOX?
GLOSSYBOX keeps me on-trend with all newsworthy beauty products. It is by far the most luxe subscription service I have tried and there’s nothing that I enjoy more than discovering cool, high-end cosmetics that I otherwise might have missed due to my hectic filming and traveling schedule. The “Glossy” team is a collective of highly informed curators in the beauty field that help make my job as a beauty blogger a little easier. Not to mention, in finding new favorite products through GLOSSYBOX, I’ve also made great connections with amazing brands that has led to collabs and other awesomeness in the works!

What’s your favorite item of makeup?
I am a lipstick girl all the way! Lipstick alone can change your look, feel, mood and outfit. Go for a wine hue when you’re feeling dramatic or a bright fuchsia when you’re feeling playful. The possibilities are endless!


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