3-steps To Salvage Your Broken Makeup

It’s a classic tale, you buy your favorite bronzer (everyone needs a cheeky glow right?), just to clumsily let it slide off your vanity a week later. It’s happened to us all. You’re busy texting or yelling at your dog and the beautiful circular pressed powder smashes into a million pieces in front of your eyes. But you’ve only been able to use it for one short week! No need to hold a funeral at your trash can just yet. We’ve got the fix you’ve been looking for and we’re here to save your face!

All you need is one simple household ingredient: rubbing alcohol.

  1. Take your broken bronzer (or any pressed powder, this trick does not discriminate!) and pour rubbing alcohol into the container. Pour slowly, only until the powder is saturated.
  2. Next, mix and smooth the powder/alcohol mixture with your finger, spoon or any tool you can get your hands on.
  3. Set the compact out to dry for a few hours until it’s hardened and voila! Good as new!


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