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Meet Amyris, Creators of Biossance

Featured in our September 2015 and April 2016 boxes, this biotechnology company has developed a brand that has quickly become a fan favorite among the masses. Establishing themselves as a key player in the industry, Amyris cultivated Biossance through cutting-edge science and a passion for renewable resources. GLOSSYBOX was thrilled to interview Senior Vice President of Personal Care, Caroline Hadfield, to find out more! 

In a nutshell, how did Amyris and subsequently Biossance come to be?
Amyris started with three PhD students who were studying synthetic biology at UC Berkeley. Together, they created a molecule that brought about a sustainable treatment for malaria. This was the platform for which Amyris was able to begin their foray into the cosmetic industry, creating sustainable ingredients such as squalane, our version of a hydrating oil produced by our bodies, for other brands. During this time, we were consciously building our own philosophy when we decided to take it a step further and create our own product

What is squalane and why is it the main ingredient in The Revitalizer?
Though squalane is similar to what’s found in the human body, production declines over time. Rather than deriving it from animal sources such as sharks, which is the typical source, we wanted to come up with a healthy, renewable way to obtain this ingredient. Our chemists replicated the squalane into a plant form molecule that’s weightless and ultra-moisturizing. In conjunction, we adhere to a ‘blacklist’ that we’ve created to maintain our stance on harmful, toxic ingredients that we promise to never include in our products.

Amyris holds their eco-friendly philosophy at the center of its core. Can you tell us more about that?
Ultimately it was an experiment. We wanted to bring a skincare range to the market that was sustainable, valuable to consumers, and didn’t participate in the destruction of the planet. Other brands choose the cheapest ingredients but we believe in safe, non-toxic elements. We want to be honest, transparent, mindful, and educate our consumers about.

What were the criteria for the ingredients in Biossance?
We chose ingredients that are first and foremost effective, but also improve elasticity, increase radiance, and diminish fine lines. This includes the highest quality of Damascus Rose extract and vitamin C.

How do you(or your brands) separate themselves from other beauty products?
We’re honest, transparent, mindful, and we educate our consumers about what they’re using. We also pride ourselves on being universal (The Revitalizer is multi-functional and is gender neutral).

Why did Amyris choose to work with GLOSSYBOX, especially to launch Biossance’s first product?
We chose to work with GLOSSYBOX because they are experts in the subscription box category and are influential at helping launch prestige products. GLOSSYBOX has great partnerships and events with key charities, influencers and has similar demographics to Biossance. Above all that, GLOSSYBOX is a joy to work with, having many passionate, dedicated and savvy team members backing their work.

To find out more about Biossance and their eco-friendly beauty products log onto 

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