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Products We Have To Say Thank You To: CHUDA


Along with our gratuitous theme for November, a few GLOSSYBOX team members wanted to thank their favorite brands and products.



I owe you so much more than a THANK YOU but for now this will do. My super sensitive skin suffers every time the weather changes from summer to fall/ winter. I woke up the other day with a complete mess to deal with- dry, itchy, flaky skin. Totally not cute and totally not comfortable! I immediately grabbed your Healing Hydrating Cream and used it where I needed it most- all over my face especially around my eyes, nose, and lips. I instantly felt my skin calming down. I’ve been using it day and night for the past week and I am back to my normal self. So a huge THANK YOU is in order, as you did not just save my skin, you saved my confidence.


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