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Products We Have To Say Thank You To: MODEL LAUNCHER


Along with our gratuitous theme for November, a few GLOSSYBOX team members wanted to thank their favorite brands and products.

Dear Model Launcher,

Oh, how your brow pencil has changed my life! Although the sleek design is enticing, nothing compares to the actual application of your long lasting formula. In the search of what I consider to be the “perfect brow,” I have tried many different brands and products. All of which I have needed to repurchase too often. I do my brows every day of the week, so spending $25 every four weeks on a brow pencil that doesn’t last is not something i’m interested in. Luckily enough, your brow pencil was in my GLOSSYBOX and has quickly become my daily go-to beauty product. Besides the pencil lasting over two months with no signs of finishing, strangers have actually stopped me on the street telling me I resemble model and eyebrow-idol Cara Delevinge! Yay! The LEAST I can do is say thanks Model Launcher, for effortlessly giving me a “supermodel” feel everyday!

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