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Medicinal & Mythical: Meet Korres

Led by their belief in the power of plants, scientific discovery and the existence of more than 3,000 herbal remedies, pharmacist George Korres and chemical engineer Lena Korres founded KORRES in 1996 out of the oldest apothecary in Athens, Greece. The brand’s simple philosophy was rooted in 3 principles: the use of natural and/or certified organic ingredients of the highest quality; skin and environmentally friendly products with clinically tested efficacy; products that are affordable for everyday use that can inspire & make us happy.  As a leader in primary research, KORRES collaborates with some of the world’s top research centers to discover the potential benefits of Greece’s endemic flora while also supporting local farmers & communities, all to bring you the very best of science & nature.  Featured in our beautiful September box, this brand is one for the books! Get your very own GLOSSYBOX here. 


1. The Korres story dates back to the mid-19th century. Can you summarize the family history and how they had their start in the world of skincare?

The Korres brand was born when owner Giorgos Korres set out to develop a line of homeopathic skincare remedies. As he studied at the Pharmacy School of the University of Athens, he started working at Greece’s oldest homeopathic pharmacy and ended up buying it. After he bought the pharmacy and a production lab, I joined him in 1996 to help create products with my experience as a chemical engineer. We began by selling our products right from inside the pharmacy!

2. With such a rich history, how do you keep the brand modern while still holding on to Korres’ traditional values?

Over the last 20 years Korres has grown and evolved tremendously, but we always hold onto our traditional values and take pride in each product we create. Today, I lead New Product Development and R&D for the brand. With Giorgos’ knowledge of homeopathic remedies and my background in scientific research and skin biochemistry – we are able to know how these natural ingredients work in our bodies, so that we can apply that knowledge to the skin! That principle is what makes Korres so special.

3. Where does the inspiration for the ingredients in Korres’ products currently derive from?

The inspiration currently continues to derive from where we began – with our apothecary background of natural remedies. With this, we also like to utilize the precious extracts we are luckily able to get in Greece. Greece has around 1600 endemic species! To put that into perspective, England only has 20 and Germany has 12. With these incredible resources, we are able to research and create unique and amazing products using these plants only found in Greece. For example, our Golden Krocus product was inspired by the Krocus (saffron) flowers that bloom only once a year in the Greek town of Kozani. The saffron has such potent levels of antioxidants that its even used as a therapeutic tea.

4. Why are natural ingredients so important to the formulas?

Natural ingredients are so important as they have always been a primary focus to our formulas and products. Also, our skin more easily and quickly recognizes natural ingredients so that we can really reap the benefits of the complete formulas. Throughout growing and evolving the Korres brand, we were really adamant in honoring our belief in using the power of plants and use of natural remedies. That is why we started, and we don’t see that changing any time soon!

5. What’s your favorite Korres product and why?

It is so hard to choose because I love them all! But if I had to pick it would be the Black Pine Serum. Not only does it keep my skin smooth and firm, but the research that went into the creation of the product is very interesting. We wanted to find out what the most powerful antioxidant was and partnered with the University of Athens. We set out to understand skin’s own mechanism for maintaining firmness and whether a natural ingredient could support what our skin does naturally in our younger years. After studying thousands of plants over 4 years we discovered it was Black Pine Polyphenols and shortly after the Black Pine line was created.

6. What can we expect to see from Korres in the future?

Korres plans to continue researching the best ingredients we possibly can to keep creating one-of-a-kind products that truly make a difference in skincare and beauty routines. With already 20 years of offering decadent body butters, hydrating lip butters and amazing moisturizers and facials – there is only room to grow for Korres!

To learn more about Korres and their incredible brand story, please visit their site at 

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