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Why Seaweed Should Be In Your Skincare

Inspired by the sea’s restorative properties, the creators of Seaweed Bath Co. have a very personal connection to their products. Co-founder Adam Grossman had been suffering from severe psoriasis for years, and after trying myriad products and treatments he embarked on a personal journey to naturally heal himself. He found a solution in freshly-harvested seaweed from the crisp, nutrient-rich waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. He and his wife, Allison, were delighted to discover that seaweed not only calmed Adam’s troubled skin, but also benefited other skin types. This was their turning point and motivation for starting The Seaweed Bath Co., to share their discovery with others. Today, they sustainably hand-harvest certified organic seaweed off the coast of Maine, which is used in their proven, effective formulas to detoxify, replenish, and protect your skin. Their purpose is to continue to serve as experts in innovative, seaweed-based products that provide results you can see.



Did you know there are over 25,000 types of seaweed in the world?
Brown Seaweed
Possesses overall skin health benefits to fight daily stressors and promotes the natural detoxification of skin
Red Seaweed
Inhibits redness and irritation to calm skin from environmental damage and promotes radiance
Green Seaweed
Repairs and hydrates skin, Boosts cellular defense, Fights free radicals


Need a bit more explanation about their ingredients? Here’s the rundown!


ALGADERM COMPLEX:  This is a combination of three types of seaweed and Vitamin B3. It is a powerful antioxidant complex designed to eliminate free radicals, repair skin damage and return the skin to its radiant, healthy state. It has been clinically proven to activate skin’s natural defense to environmental insult/stressors for up to 24 hours after application as well as evening skin tone and texture by reducing the appearance of dark spots, red skin undertones and pores.


MARINE TRI-PEPTIDE: A three-chain amino acid sequence that replicates the three-chain amino acid sequences that are naturally occurring in our skin’s own collagen protein structure. It supports the natural production of collagen and elastin in skin, which visibly improves skin’s smoothness and firmness and decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The bottom line: 
AlgaDerm boosts cell energy, which in turn restores proper cell function and allows the “mortar” to repair itself. This includes supporting ceramide production (remember “mortar” is 35-40% ceramides). Over time, the “Mortar” repairs the leaky skin barrier and allows skin to naturally heal. The Seaweed Bath Co. harnesses the power of the ocean to change your skin for the better! Try their products in this month’s GLOSSYBOX!


To learn more about Seaweed Bath Co.’s products, click here. 

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