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#WCW: Mo Clancy

Writer and expert7 years ago
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Mo Clancy is passionate about food, but she's also a serial entrepreneur whose background leans heavily toward design. Before opening Seed + Salt, she cofounded a ready-to-wear and accessories collection with designer Raquel Allegra, started and then sold a marketing firm, and helped launch a beauty-branding business. She's an avid art collector—West Coast talents like Julian Hoeber, Matthew Brandt, and Mark Bradford are favorites—and is also one of San Francisco's most fashion-forward women. Her closet is filled with sculptural silver jewelry by Sophie Buhai, avant-garde blouses from Apiece Apart, and '70s-inspired platform shoes by Céline (to elevate her petite frame)—a curated collection of outré pieces that underscore her innate gravitation toward risk. "I tend to like to do things where I really have no idea how they're going to turn out," says Clancy, who moved to San Francisco from suburban Michigan nearly two decades ago without a job, simply because she fell for the city's landscape and innovative culture.


1. Introduce yourself! Tell us about who you are and what your job is. My name is Mo Clancy. I am a serial entrepreneur and founder/creative director of Seed + Salt restaurant in San Francisco. 2. Specific to your sector (for example, fitness) how did you get into this career path? Have there been any obstacles you've faced in this industry and if so, what are they? My career path was never planned - I never thought this is where I would be! But I followed a food can change your life. There have been tons of obstacles - biggest of all that this was my first foray into food and I had no experience. But people, like my advisors, have been so generous with their time and knowledge - plus I have an amazing team - all of whom have supported me along the way. 3. What advice would you give other women who wanted to get into your industry?  Do you - and don't worry about the naysayers...your gut will always tell you the right way to go. 4. Where do you gain inspiration from? My son, my customers, all the beautiful nature around me and the mysteries of the universe. 5. What does it mean to you to be a strong woman?Being a strong woman means being kind and compassionate to other women, yourself and to all the world around you. 6. What has been your greatest accomplishment thus far? My son, Magellan! 7. Since we're a beauty company, we have to ask: what are 3 things you never leave home without? Tata Harper Volumizing Lip and Cheek Tint in incredible, Vapour Organic Soft Focus Foundation makes your skin flawless, French Girl Organics Sea Spray for hair is a must-have! 8. What is your go-to beauty product? I have always loved Norma Kamali's Organic Olive Calcium Liniment - it calms the skin and you can put it all over - face, body, hands...I even use it on my hair!!

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Writer and expert
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