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The Truth About Washing Your Hair

Now that we’ve pulled the curtains back on our mystery hair care brand (Did you see Sofia Vergara doing us the honor?), we can talk about the hair washing facts you’ve been wondering about. We know you’ve heard tons of different things over the years, because, well, we all have. So, we decided to get the facts from expert hairdresser Jill Malone (jilldoeshair).


1. How often should you wash your hair?
“The frequency of shampooing your hair depends on hair type and texture, and if you tend to be oily or dry. If you have oily hair, you’ll most likely need to shampoo and condition everyday. If you’re on the drier side, shampoo every two-three days. Some people think working out and sweating means their hair is dirty, but usually you’ll be able to get away with rinsing out the sweat and conditioning. (My hair fine, rather thin, tends to get oily, and is on the shorter side, so I shampoo daily….helps with my crazy bed head too!)”


2. Does it matter if hair is color treated?
“Using shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair is vital for keeping your color vivid.”


3. Is it true that it’s important to change the hair products you use frequently? 
“Changing up your frequently used products is always a good idea. Products can leave a build-up on the hair and at times our hair gets used to the same products, therefore the results just don’t seem to be the best they can be. I personally have 3-4 different shampoos and conditioners in my shower that I alternate daily to keep my hair looking it’s best.”


4. What’s all the hype around finishing your wash with a cold rinse?
“Finishing with cool water is beneficial because it seals the cuticle of the hair, making it easier to smooth when styling (same concept when washing your face, splashing with cool water will shrink those pores). For my color clients, especially red heads and fashion colors, I recommend using cool water for shampooing from start to finish as it helps keep your color looking fresher.”


5. What is the best way to care for your scalp?
“Scalp care is very important! Going back to using cool water, it’s also best to keep your scalp from drying out. If you have oily hair, shampoo and condition daily to remove oil residue and build-up. If you’re scalp is dry, shampoo every 2-3 days to let those natural oils do their job.  Professional scalp treatments or natural treatments, such as coconut oil, can help with dry scalp and hair. If you’re scalp is itchy with bigger, thicker flakes, it’s best to see a dermatologist.”


From Jill: 
I knew I wanted to do hair since I was a kid. I went to beauty school while I was in high school, and started working in a salon when I was 17. I became a licensed cosmetologist in 2004, and have been working at Vanity Square Salon (Sayville, Long Island, NY) for 12 years. I absolutely love what I do and am beyond fortunate to work with such great people, and have such an amazing clientele.

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