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Sometimes a fragrance can do more than make you smell good. It helps you achieve inner harmony. Couldn’t we all use more of that? Featured in the June box, ADORAtherapy’s Chakra Boost roll-ons will help heal your chakras, which brings you a step closer to achieving spiritual balance. But, what exactly are the chakras and how do they affect us?

Quite simply, chakras are seven energy centers of the body. Every chakra has a physical location and an emotion associated with it.


Chakra Location Emotion
Root Base of the tailbone Self preservation, survival and feeling grounded
Sacral Lower abdomen Joy, pleasure and intimacy
Solar Plexus Upper abdomen Self-confidence and self-esteem
Heart Just above the heart Love and inner peace
Throat Throat Commutation, self-expression and creativity
Third eye Between the eyes Focusing and intuition
Crown Top of the head Spiritual connection and connection to the world around you


I asked Dani Havasy, who is the creator of the physical and spiritual fitness program Core Chakra, as well as a chakra reader, how the chakras work, “Nothing exists but energy! Our chakras receive incoming energy from the outside world in forms of scent, food, relationships etc. Each chakra has a corresponding sense that they regulate,” she says.

You might not realize how your chakras are affected by scent every day. Have you felt a sense of peace after inhaling salty ocean air? Or had your muscles suddenly relax the moment you stepped into a spa? The emotions you connect to those scents and any physicality related to that are your chakras at work.

Dani explained to me exactly how scent connects to your chakras and affects your overall sense of well being, “The root is the home of your sense of smell. Sense of smell directly impacts the root chakra, which then influences the chakras that sit above. Because energy is always moving and each chakra has a relationship with one another, the essential oils in ADORAtherapy’s Chakra Boost are an amazing way to restore balance to the chakras.”

When used like a regular roll-on fragrance, ADORAtherapy’s Chakra Boost can be applied anytime to keep you smelling fresh, but it also does so much more. Made from a blend of vegan, cruelty-free essential oils, as well as absolutes, gem and flower essences in a base of jojoba oil, ADORAtherapy’s Chakra Boost is formulated to influence your energy centers.

Keep your Chakra Boost in your bag, so you can take breaks and re-apply throughout the day to your wrists, neck, temples and chakra centers. It is especially useful for those stressful times or simply when you feel less than whole with the universe. After rolling on, breathe deeply, inhale and get ready to feel balanced again. As your chakras begin to open up, you will start to feel ready to take on the world, or at the very least, your to-do list. Think of Chakra Boost as your spiritual sidekick.

This article was written by one of our beauty experts, Amanda (itsamandalauren)! Read her blog that covers everything from beauty tips to home décor inspo on her blog here. 

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