Brand Spotlight

The Beauty Of Giving Back

By Belisa Silva

This season beauty brands are getting into the spirit of giving back by offering products that in some way benefit others. During this Thanksgiving month, here at GLOSSYBOX we are so thankful to have the opportunity to work with brands that unite their desire to create a beautiful world both on the outside, and the inside. In our opinion, the most beautiful thing you can be is charitable.

One of our favorite brands that gives back is Evelyn Iona Cosmetics, a line of natural beauty and personal care products that provides funding to the Canadian YWCA. Meant to bridge the gap between the luxury and sustainable worlds, Evelyn Iona Cosmetics are as covetable as they are charitable. This month, we featured the brand’s Green Tea Primer, which delivers a potent cocktail of antioxidants to your face while shrinking the look of your pores. Even better is that every portion of every sale helps someone in need!

Another brand we admire is Tarte (we mean, who doesn’t?!), whose Storm Of Love hurricane relief campaign directly benefits the millions of people affected by the recent storms and natural disasters. The crowdfunding initiative, which is a personal passion project of Tarte Founder, Maureen Kelly, has already raised more than $76,000 for people in need. Help them get to their $100,000 goal if you can!

And sometimes charity is what inspires a brand’s entire DNA. Nature Queen, for one, which was founded by Jenny Hanh Nguyen, is a haircare range that not only works to beautify tired strands, but also to make the world a better place.. Every Nature Queen product sale provides indigenous farmers in Southeast Asia with at least three times the local average wage, which will go towards stopping everything from childhood malnutrition to human trafficking. Nguyen has also opened a library for the children in the village to help foster literacy.”We embrace the Asian proverb, ‘Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime,’” she says.

And then there’s our favorite body implements brand, Daily Concepts, which is giving back through a partnership with Lava Mae, an innovative public service organization. For its part, Lava Mae repurposes former buses into showers and toilets on wheels to deliver hygiene among the homeless in San Francisco. “It has been a true honor to sponsor and support their mission and growth over the years,” says Daily Concepts Founder, Emilio Smeke, about the partnership. “The very same exfoliating body scrubber featured in GLOSSYBOX is the same product they offer for the use of the homeless and those in need.”

Glow For A Cause is yet another beauty line with a noble mission. Comprised of perfumes, body butters and gorgeous scented candles, every purchase of a Glow For A Cause product benefits the brand’s partner non-profit organizations, including Cowgirls Vs. Cancer, Prana Run and The Red Sox Foundation. Now that’s beauty that glows on the inside and out. And let’s not forget Seaweed Bath Co., a Maine-based beauty company that utilizes sustainably sourced, organic ingredients from the sea. The company began with the goal of healing the founder’s severe psoriasis through freshly-harvested seaweed from the North Atlantic Ocean. Not only did it work on his damaged skin, but it also provided benefits for a variety of other issues. “Our purpose is to continue to serve as experts in innovative, seaweed-based products that provide results you can see,” according to a company statement. And speaking of good for you and the environment, we also must mention our friends at vegan, Peta-approved beauty brand, Clove+ Hallow. Chock full of good-for-you products -from lip glazes to skin-perfecting creams- we love the brand, which can be found in our October box, for its conscious stance on animal rights as well as its gorgeous formulas.

And if you’re in the market for an entire box of feel-good beauty loot, check out our Fighting Pretty Box, which is full of products that make women feel good regardless of anything she might be going through. Featuring a nutritive mud mask, the perfect pink lipstick and nail polish combo, and even your own mini boxing gloves to remind you of your inner strength, each box purchased fully supports women fighting cancer.   

This article was written by one of our beauty experts, Belisa. An editor for over a decade who specializes in the beauty industry, she is also the managing editor of SWAAY, which celebrates female empowerment.



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