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Escape For One: Try A Beauty Staycation

By Belisa Silva

When temperatures dip and that gloomy gray hue settles into the sky, sometimes the best thing to do is stay under the sheets. Why not beautify (think: face mask, bubble bath and glass of champagne) while you lounge, with products designed to soothe and smoothe, and protect your peace of mind from the coldness outside. If you want an extra dose of mental stillness, why not try your hand at knitting your own cozy blanket or scarf. This month we are partnering with We Are Knitters on an exciting brand giveaway. Stay tuned for more details!

What goes better with a day spent relaxing than some aromatherapy? This month we are so happy to have discovered the divinely-scented beauty brand, Nature Queen. Offering formulas loaded with natural extracts and essential oils from nine herbs known to promote hair growth, the shampoo will revive and de-stress your soul. Let the conditioner set into your strands for five to 10 minutes (while sipping your champs), then rinse with warm water for a relaxing deep treatment. Another hair brand on our radar this month is Theorie, an edited range of minimalistic products that focus on results. Try the Marula Oil Transforming Mask for an instant hair boost.

No beauty staycation would be complete without some sumptuous oils to treat your skin, hair and nails. After all, oils are the perfect beautification companion for a nap. Two we are loving at the moment are the Luna Sleeping Oil by Sunday Riley and the NCLA Cuticle Oil, which is basically a miracle formula. For its part, the Luna Oil is the next-generation retinol oil meant to boost skin plumpness, shrink pores and restore glow. Meanwhile, NCLA’s hydrating formula-which comes in delectable scents like rose, pumpkin pie and even thin mint-  can be used all over-yes even on split ends- to infuse nutrients and a dose of vitamin E. Apply wherever you feel dry, enjoy a light blanketed snooze, then wake up feeling fabulous.

When thinking of beauty products that help instill a feeling of well-being, we cannot forget Rituals. Every product within the lineup of this Amsterdam-based company is formulated to deliver emotional wellness as well as incredible fragrance and skin-soothing properties. Take, for example, the Happy Buddha Foaming Shower Gel, which is literally an instant mood enhancer. Packed with essential oils and the scent of warm cedar and fresh citrus, it will help get you in a positive frame of mind for your day of chill.

There’s just something about a candle burning on a bathtub that brings us instant calm. When said candle smells like warm baked goods, we’re even more on board! This season try out Nest’s Sugar Cookie candle, which mixes the warm flavors of Tahitian vanilla bean, bourbon-infused caramel, sugar cane and amber. Light up and breathe in the sweet, savory transformative scent.

Keep calm and beautify on!



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