How to take the perfect #GLOSSYandFresh selfie

Today, you can’t scroll through Instagram for more than two minutes without seeing about five selfies – some glamourous and others, well, let’s just say, not-so-glam. We’re all to blame in the selfie game, no wonder why America is sometimes referred to as #SelfieNation, but, why does every celebrity and blogger’s quickly snapped selfie make the Instagram Gods struck with awe and yours not-so-much?!

We promise, you are just as stunning as the picture-perfect selfie models you see online and you CAN take a #flawless selfie like them too! It’s as easy as 5 simple steps!

  1. Set a foundation for flawlessness – The basis of a beautiful selfie is a fresh face! The products packed in our January GLOSSYBOX will help to highlight your best features and create a stunning photo subject – you! The Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil from Dr. Botanicals will brighten even the most tired, dull skin with it’s antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. For radiant, awake eyes, use Lumene’s Lähde Purity Dew Drops – they even remove dark circles too! Then, amp up your lashes to frame those gorgeous eyes of yours with Buxom’s Big Tease™ Plumping Mascara. Lastly, plump up those luscious lips of yours with Steve Laurant’s lip tint, which will hydrate and moisturize your lips while also giving your pout a subtle tint. Now, you’ve completed Pre-K in Selfie University, time to advance to the next lessons.
  2. Pick the optimal selfie setting – Natural light is key, so be sure there is sunlight wherever you choose to snap that selfie of yours! However, light also comes with a caution – avoid taking a photo when there are shadows on your face. If you must take a selfie and don’t have access to natural lighting, a good tip is to sit in front of an open, turned on laptop. The lighting from the computer screen will brighten your face almost as good as the sun! You might be thinking that there’s more to the word “setting” than light, and you are right! Pick a backdrop that’s either interesting and different than the norm – like a street mural, local attraction or even that luxurious bathroom at your favorite restaurant – OR the complete opposite – a background that is extremely minimalistic and clean to show off the main focus of the photo – your fresh face.
  3. Work your angles! – This is such a simple tip that is somehow often forgotten. Be certain to hold the camera at an angle above you to show off your best features. Taking multiple versions of the same selfie at different angles is sometimes necessary for you to learn which angle is best for you.
  4. Showcase your personality – Don’t take yourself so seriously when snapping away, because ultimately, the act of taking a selfie is far from that. Use this as an opportunity to be cute, have fun and show off your personality. If you try to pose too much, your facial expression will most likely appear stressed and not represent the real you!
  5. Filter & share when appropriate – this last step is critical. Almost all selfies need a little help from filters, and thank goodness we have Instagram’s built-in filter pre-sets for that! There are also several editing apps you can download on your phone. The key is to adjust brightness, contrast and sharpening of the photo and not over-filter your selfie or else it may look over-processed, and we don’t want that, do we?! Also important is to share moderately. Your social followers should be excited to see a random selfie of you pop up and not roll their eyes from you blowing up their feed. There are some selfies best kept to yourself no matter how gorgeous. Keep them as a reminder that you can always #BeYourOwnKindOfBeautiful.

Oh, there’s one last step in the selfie game. After following the above five steps, you have now graduated from Selfie University, but to be a master selfie star, go and like a few of your friend’s selfies and even compliment them! The gratification from liking and commenting on your friend’s selfie posts may even be better than receiving a like on your own selfie!

So, ladies, have fun snapping away and always remember to STAY GLOSSY!


By Susan Lee Probst



Writer and expert