February Mood Board: Love Letters Abound

As love swirls all around us this month, we wanted to take a moment and remind you, our beautiful community, just how much you mean to us. Our artfully curated February box is not only packed with everything you need for a night on the town or an indulgent self-pampering session, but it also nods to the timeless practice of sending and receiving love letters. Featuring a specially-designed postcard, meant to remind you that sometimes there’s no better way to brighten someone’s day than with a handwritten note, we encourage you to pass on the love, and watch what happens.

Here at GLOSSYBOX, we view February not as only a month to celebrate love in a romantic relationship sense, but also to remember that being loved is a state of mind, and it permeates through everything including friendships, chance encounters, and even the beauty discovery experience. With the abundant love we get from all of you on our social channels, we know you feel the same. This month, bring on the good feelings and let’s get gushing about how much we love love!

Galentine’s Night In

Chocolate, wine and beautifying; have there ever been three more perfect companions? Here, you’ll get the scoop on how to relax with skin-loving textures and therapeutic formulas that will help treat number one (AKA YOU) like the queen she is.

Effortless Weekend Beauty

It’s cold out there! We totally understand the need to get out of Dodge for a night or two. In this fun piece, we’ll share fun beauty tips and tricks for hitting the road with minimal clutter, but maximum beauty output. Here’s to weekend getaways!

We <3 John Masters Organics

And speaking of love, have we mentioned the strong feelings we have for the organic skin and hair collection that makes us feel fresh as a daisy? Here, we’ll delve into the genius behind the brand and share their vision for a more beautiful world.

By Belisa Silva



Writer and expert