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THEORIE’s No-Fail Winter Hacks To Fight Hat Hair All Season Long

It’s the bleak midwinter and your hair might be looking a little worse for the wear. From hat hair to static to a dry scalp, the season might be great for skiing, but it’s not so great for a good hair day. When cold temperatures hit, your hair’s natural moisture levels can become compromised on a daily basis, and so it’s up to you to use the right products and techniques to combat the damage. Get your look in shape with some expert tips from the professionals at THEORIE, who shared with us some easy ways to fight against the cold and keep those strands shining, no matter how frigid it might be outside.

Split End Repair

The hard truth is that if you want to stop split ends right in their tracks, you will need to trim your hair, according to hair expert Jill Malone. If you are looking for a quick remedy, grab a lightweight styling treatment like THEORIE’s Glossing Serum, and apply it to damp hair, twisting the product through with two fingers. Pay close attention to the tips, twirling gently, for an instant boost of good-for-you ingredients, and the visible look of hair health.

Treat Yo’Self

After a particularly busy work week, unwind with a relaxing shower, following up with a nutritive hair mask, like THEORIE’s Helichrysum Nourishing Hair Mask. Filled with restorative ingredients like hyaluronic acid and ginkgo biloba leaf extract, this deep conditioner will restore hydration levels and help reverse damage from hair tools, chemicals and the environment. For even more benefits, braid your treated hair and cover with a scarf or turban for a few hours. Rinse with warm water and immediately feel like a softer version of yourself.

Dry The Right Way

Experts reveal it’s never a good idea to tie your hair up in a messy bun if it’s still damp, as it can lead to unpleasant hair issues like dandruff, strand breakage and even split ends, especially during the winter. Avoid causing friction, and in turn damage, by forgoing the rough towel dry and instead gently squeeze out the water, then blow drying on a cool setting. Also, be sure to keep any hot air at least 6 inches away from your hair.

Protect & Serve

To keep yourself static-free after commuting in that adorable (but let’s face it, hair-hating) wool cap, just a little pre-planning goes a long way. Before you head out in the morning, create for yourself a veritable protective barrier by applying a conditioning formula like THEORIE’s Argan Oil Ultimate Reform Hair Serum, which softens and strengthens the cuticle from the inside out. When you finally get to the office and pull off that hat, spritz on some of THEORIE’s Dry Cleansing Conditioner, which can be used on-the-go to keep flyaways away.

Keep it Low

When using thermal hair tools to style and straighten thick hair, keep clear from the damaging effects by setting your gadget no higher than 350 degrees, and applying a pre-heat protective spray like THEORIE’s Heat Shield Thermal Spray. Featuring a blend of silk amino acids and Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract, this will work to maintain hair’s integrity and color as you style, even for those with processed strands. Follow up with a botanical-infused hairspray like THEORIE’s Layering Hairspray, which delivers quinoa protein, lotus extract and marula oil to maintain hair health while you style.

Hydrate, Girl

It’s no secret that the cold weather makes your hair dryer than it is normally, and so infusing it with moisture, and using products that keep your strands hydrated is necessary in winter months. Using a humidifier at night is a start, but another helpful hint is to use only lukewarm water while washing your hair, preventing nourishing natural oils from being stripped away. If you just need that hot bath, be sure to apply a replenishing serum afterwards, like THEORIE’s Argan Oil Ultimate Reform Hair Serum.  

Scalp Rx

Many of us might find ourselves with the curse of white flakes, and we aren’t talking snowfall. In wintery weather, it is a good idea to time out your hair washings in order to prevent moisture loss. Experts recommend leaving three to four days between each cleansing and conditioning process to keep the scalp at its best. If you’re feeling a bit dry regardless, apply a nutrient-rich oil directly to the scalp before washing with a gentle hair cleanser like THEORIE’s Sea Kelp Mint Cleansing Shampoo, which provides your scalp with a cocktail of vitamins as well as mint, known for its anti-inflammatory properties.  

DIY Salon Service

There’s a reason it feels so good to get your hair done, and it’s usually related to that amazing massage. In addition to offering relating properties, a proper head massage while shampooing can help you purge dead skin cells, and ensure the ingredients from your product get right to where you need them. Some expert massaging tips include starting it before you head into the shower. Because oil attracts oil, getting some into your scalp from your dirty head of hair (yes, we know it sounds bad) will eventually remove the grease, without risking breakage. While giving yourself a salon-like massage with an antioxidant-rich formula like THEORIE’s Grapefruit Revitalizing Shampoo, please avoid using your nails, paying particular attention to your hairline and the back of your head as you go.

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Happy hair days Glossies!

By Belisa Silva



Writer and expert