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Rose-Colored Glasses: A Closer Look at Lanôme Rénergie Multi-Glow

Writer and expert6 years ago
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The French know a thing or two about beautiful skin. When it comes to refreshing a tired, dull complexion, we talked to the beauty experts at Lancôme, and discovered that it’s important to use a formula that is both gentle and potent. To wit, the brand’s new cult-favorite Rénergie Multi-Glow packs a serious punch, giving you instant rosy skin-beautifying results, as well as long-term anti-age benefits.

According to the storied brand, skin over time can lose its vitality, appearing grey in tone. To combat that unpleasant shade, this rosy-hued moisturizer (yes, it’s actually pink, as it helps counteract dull hues in the skin) immediately revives skin on application, leaving behind a dewy, fresh-faced glow. Over time this creamy, rejuvenating blend--which stars Schizandra red berry extract--lifts and plumps skin, leaving behind a smoother texture. Perfect for any skin type, Rénergie Multi-Glow is a veritable time capsule for your face, and it can even be used under makeup to provide a smooth, luminous canvas. Even better news? Using it daily (we recommend applying first thing every morning), you will see more even-looking skin tone, diminished fine lines, and smoother texture.

If you’re looking for a dose of female empowerment to go along with your gorgeous rosy skin, we’ve got you. For the launch of Rénergie Multi-Glow, Lancôme tapped Italian beauty Isabella Rossellini to star in the product’s advertising campaign. Here’s what Rossellini -the face of the first iteration of Rénergie- had to say about being appointed beauty ambassador for the new product.

“I love this new formula! It's more delicate, perfectly penetrates the skin; its pinkish hue is very pleasant and it smells good,” says Rosellini. “My skin is well moisturized and feels better: it's both an interior and exterior sensation. It's for me a very special skincare since I have always used it since it's very first formula. My skin could no longer live without it.”

The talented actress went on to share that at 65, she is honored and excited to represent her favorite product, and brand.

“At my age, I no longer dread how others view me so it's truly liberating to be myself, to have fun,” says Rossellini. “Putting on makeup is like dressing a pretty table, it's a game. Amongst women, we understand and appreciate this game. That is what I appreciate in Lancôme's discourse, precisely, this way of better apprehending today's femininity.”

Glow on GLOSSIES and remember: it’s never too early to begin your skincare routine.

By Belisa Silva

Writer and expert
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