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Discover Your Perfect Beauty Ritual

Amsterdam-based beauty brand RITUALS knows that taking time to give yourself some love and care is an important part of life. In fact, it is the appreciation for global beauty rituals that are at the core of the brand’s collection. From the tea houses of Japan to the outdoor baths of modern-day Turkey, RITUALS products – which are gorgeously formulated with fragrant essences, botanicals and other nutritive ingredients sourced from all around the world – are specially designed to help remind you to be thoughtful, present and at peace. Here, we look closer at four of RITUALS’ star rituals, exploring the heritage and purpose of each.

Hammam- The Ancient Spa

Hammam if your feeling: Stressed

Star product: Ultra Hydrating Black Soap

Inspired by one of the oldest cleansing traditions in the world that dates back to the Ottoman Empire, the Ritual of Hammam is all about taking time to properly exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize your body using water, warmth, and massage. Synonymous with a Turkish bath, the classic Hammam begins with relaxing in a hot, dry room, where you perspire out toxins in the body. Next, comes an even hotter room, followed by a nice rinse-down with cold water. Once this is complete, it’s time for a relaxing massage, and a cooling down session. To capture the spirit of the body-purification process, Rituals offers a serene collection of bath products that are meant to act as your own personal 5-step wellness ceremony. Infused with restorative ingredients like eucalyptus and lavender, you’ll leave your bathroom feeling rejuvenated inside and out. Begin the Hammam ritual by washing with RITUALS’ unique Ultra Hydrating Black Soap, which deeply cleanses by removing old skin cells, leaving you feeling soft and ready for exfoliation. Next up is the Ritual of Hammam Hot Scrub and mineral-packed Purifying Body Mud, which can be used in tandem to further refresh and revive your skin cells. Finally, massage The Ritual of Hammam Body Cream into your skin, focusing on tense areas, for a dose of revitalizing organic eucalyptus and rosemary where you need it most.

DAO: A Perfect Balance

Dao if you’re feeling: Scattered

Star Product: Relaxing Serum

Based on the ancient Chinese belief that balancing your yin and yang is the secret to achieving inner peace, the essence of the Dao is that when both positive and negative energy are perfectly in sync, you achieve the top of mental and physical well-being. So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed and in need of a calmer headspace, RITUALS’ Dao collection is designed to help you every step of the way. The Dao ritual begins with the Mindful Body Scrub, which is comprised of ultrafine Chinese Bamboo particles within a rich cream base, enriched with calming white lotus and nourishing Yi Yi Ren extract, both designed to help slough away dead skin. Next, channel your inner zen with The Ritual of the  Dao Bath Foam, which will not only soften your skin but also bring you peace of mind, followed by the brand’s tranquility-imparting body cream. Lastly, add a few spritzes of the calming Bed and Body Mist, which can be applied to your body or your bed before hitting the sheets to help sleep more deeply.

Ayurveda: A Rosy Outlook

Ayurveda if you’re feeling: romantic

Star Product: Bubble Bath

Indian rose and Himalayan honey star in this love-imparting ritual, dedicated to discovering inner harmony. This ritual begins with a Himalayan pink salt scrub, which features ancient crystal salt from the Himalayas, fragrant Indian rose, and soothing Sweet Almond Oil. According to traditional Ayurvedic science, scrubbing is an effective way to stimulate the flow of energy, especially in a warm bath. Next comes a nutritive shower oil, which transforms from a soothing shower oil into a silky soft foam upon contact with water, further hydrating skin while you shower. Finish things off with a dry body oil, available in three iterations-Vata, Kapha, and Pitta (each is said to help balance a different dosha or mind-body type). These unique formulas can be used on hair and skin to leave you feeling soft and smelling delectable for hours. Also, between us and you, the Ayurveda Foam Bath is next level for nights you need a little self-love.

Laughing Buddha: Mood Lift

Laughing Buddha if you’re feeling: bummed out

Star Product: Happy Mist

Buddha says laughing is good for the soul and we couldn’t agree more. RITUALS’ Laughing Buddha Ritual – which is available in a few different versions – may begin in the bath, but it will travel with you throughout your day thanks to products that deliver long-lasting results. Get to exfoliating with the brand’s Good Luck Body Scrub, a gorgeously scented sugar scrub, scented with uplifting notes of Sweet Orange and Cedar Wood, designed to leave your skin feeling soft and looking glowy. We also love the brand’s Happy Buddha Foaming Shower Gel, which foams into a luxurious fragrant lather. Keep the good vibes rolling with the Laughing Buddha Touch of Happiness Body Cream, and finally go for the Happy Mist (our personal favorite RITUALS product of all time), a mood-enhancing multi-use fragrance which can be used on your body, bed linens and even in the dryer to pass on the positivity. Even more, reasons to smile?  Happy Mist – according to the brand – comes loaded with actual positive vibes, on top of its addictive citrus fragrance.

By Belisa Silva



Writer and expert