TIPS & TRICKS: Summer Hair, We Totally Care!

Beach waves for days! We know how tempting it is to rock that care-free-ocean-water hairstyle, but let’s be real, no one’s really all that excited when their hair feels like a pile of dry straw. Thankfully, our friends at John Masters Organics have introduced us to our new favorite after beach hair duo and even better, the July Sea You Soon box features both! Check out how we use the Citrus & Neroli Detangler with the Hair Spray in the steps below and you too can have some beautiful (and healthy!) summer strands.

Pre-Swim Prep

Before we give salt-water the chance to dry out our locks, your resident GLOSSYBOX beach bum recommends getting your hair completely wet before you dive in. While we all love the look of beachy hair, the salt in the ocean dries out our mane resulting in brittle ends and a longer blow-dry routine (have you ever noticed?). While we may be on island time, us thicker haired girls don’t want to add any more time to our routine than necessary. By permeating the hair completely prior to your ocean-jump, your hair has already absorbed all of the water that it can, think of it like a sponge. Once it is full, the rest of the water (or at least the majority of it) rolls off, and for your hair this means keeping salt at bay during your swim.



We believe in fully embracing the summer, and what would that be without a swim in the ocean. Remember, the sea offers lots of benefits; improved mood, calmness, and serenity. Aside from the attitude uplift, the minerals in the ocean are extremely beneficial for you. Sea-salt is packed with magnesium, calcium and potassium which help to absorb toxins in the body and on the skin. So don’t be afraid to dive in GLOSSY!


Lather Under the Sun

Favorite thing about summer number 2: Out Door Showers. Whether it’s a real one or a hose in our backyard, nothing beats getting sudsy outside. Get your towel and your favorite John Masters Organics Shampoo and start getting sudsy. We reach for the Evening Primrose from the May GLOSSYBOX, not only does it smell incredible, the hyaluronic acid will help bring moisture and strength back to your strands.


Detangle & Condition

 This next step is customized to your hair type! The Citrus & Neroli Detangler in the July GLOSSYBOX is great for all different kinds of hair and can be used a few ways.
If you have thin hair, we recommend using this as you would a normal conditioner. Work the product through your coif and let it sit for 3 minutes. Telling time in the shower can be tough, so breakout your Spotify and play your favorite tune, then rinse. Not only will you find that working your fingers through your hair is seamless, the essential oils of grapefruit and lemon offer an inspiring aroma. Mix this with the steam from your shower and you’d swear you were at the spa. Double points if you placed your Summer Solstice Wreath outside and got the benefits from the Eucalyptus as well!


For those of us with thicker hair, this detangler can also work as a leave-in treatment. After you have rinsed out your shampoo, be sure to squeeze the extra water out of your hair making room for your strands to absorb all of the benefits of the product like sunflower seed oil for shine, wheat amino acids for comb-through, and neroli, a scalp hydrator. Squeeze a quarter size amount of the product into your palms and work through your hair from root to tip. If you have extra thick hair, go ahead and add a little more – this detangler is lightweight so it will eliminate knots without weighing down your strands.


Style & Finish  

Blow-out; beach waves; cool-girl messy – take your pick, but before you get too far into your routine don’t forget your John Masters Hair Spray (found in the July GLOSSYBOX). We know what you’re thinking, this does not look like a normal hairspray and that’s because you’re right. John Masters has removed the typical sprayer packaging that most brands put out there, and for a good reason. If you haven’t noticed, John Masters is a favorite of ours and some of it has to do with how environmentally conscious it is. While they are many different opinions on aerosols and their impact on the ozone layer, recyclability, and smog contribution, there’s no guessing when it comes to John Masters Organics packaging.
We love the USDA-Certified Organic spray because it lets our hair live. You’ll notice that your style will stay in place without feeling cemented to your head. And don’t worry about it drying your hair out either, key ingredients such as aloe vera help to nourish your hair while bergamot strengthens and adds shine. We like to spray a little on our round brush before we blow it out, or mist all over to seal the deal before walking out the door.
If you’re skeptical that a non-aerosol won’t be as effective on your hair, have a look at Emma Watsons take on the product, “Then for styling, I really like the John Masters Organics Hair Spray. It doesn’t come in an aerosol, but it actually holds my hair” says the icon actress in an interview with Into the Gloss.

Take On Those Summer Nights

Well GLOSSY, your hair is now tangle free, touchable, and ready for a night out thanks to our friends at John Masters Organics! Put on your favorite sundress and strappy sandals, and pair this with one of our Summer Sizzlers looks for a night out at the beach!

By Erica Solomon



Writer and expert