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The July Box is here!!

Break out the bikinis ladies because summer has officially arrived. Just like you, we’re always down to try new things, so we’re introducing our FIRST EVER coupled boxes to celebrate Sunny Season! While you may not be jetting off to Ibiza, luckily you can sail away with our July ocean box. Plus, a vacation ends, but with our boxes banded together, you’ll have another round of products to pair with these arriving on your doorstep next month.

it’s Skin

Mini Macaron Lip Balm
0.24 OZ. / $5.99
Have your dessert and keep your summer body, too. Inside the perfectly packaged macaron is a moisturizing nourishment to make your lips as tantalizing as your tan. Warning: vitamin derivatives and fruit extracts will make your lips healthy but don’t count for your daily dose of healthy eating. Flavors will vary.
The lip balm comes in various different flavors and colors, but it goes on clear. So, you can indulge in your favorite flavor free from worry about staining your lips. Bon Appetit!


So Rich Cuticle Oil in Mermaid Tears
0.5 OZ. / $18.00
Mermaids may be confined to fantasies but with their tears you can have unreal nails. The Vitamin E combined with sunflower seed oil not only nourishes your nails and cuticles but locks it in for lasting effects. Who knows? With these mermaid tears you may even bag a prince – Ariel did.
Worried about the oil messing up your nails? Don’t be. It’ll actually prolong the life of your manicure and keep away those pesky dry pieces that tempt you to pick at your cuticles.


3.4 FL. OZ. / $14.00
The worst look is the one when makeup is running down your face. Now, you can wear your long-lasting look for a dip in the ocean without having to painfully scrub it off at night. The two-part routine uses soft oils to remove even waterproof makeup and lotion to leave you feeling fresh and clean.
When you’re working on getting your lower lashes back to their natural beauty, dampen a Q-Tip with the remover and roll it under your lashes. This emulsion is perfect for sensitive eyes and contact wearers.

John Masters Organics

citrus & neroli detangler
Feat Size: 2.0 FL. OZ. / $6.00
Salty beach hair is great for “no shower, happy hour,” but when you get home and rinse off, this lightweight conditioner will leave your hair flawless for those hot summer nights. Key ingredients like grapefruit and soy protein tone, hydrate, & strengthen your hair without layering multiple products.
Leave the conditioner in for 3 minutes to maximize its nourishing properties. It’s hard to tell time in the shower, so grab your music player, jam out to your favorite song, then rinse.

John Masters Organics

hair spray
Feat Size: 2.0 FL. OZ./ $10.00
A light, citrus scent leaves you free to rest your head on your S.O.’s shoulder without worrying about the smell of a hair salon turning them off. Plus, the non-sticky, touchable hold is perfect for someone’s fingers to be run through. Get the shine you want and the beneficial nutrients your hair needs.
Tired of doing your hair just for it to fall? Don’t wait until you’re done styling to spray! Give your damp or dry hair a good spritz before you start styling for a firmer hold.



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