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Make the Most of Your VDL Primer – Try These 3 Ways

In a world where multitasking is the name of the game and everyone wears multiple hats, there’s no reason you should be using makeup that’s only a one-trick pony. Fortunately, GLOSSYBOX is plugged into our GLOSSIES and knows how important it is to not only have a product that does it all, but to have the tips on how to make the most of it. VDL’s Lumilayer Primer, has three great ways to use the product for whatever life throws your way.


A Stand-Alone Primer

It’s no secret that incorporating a primer into your daily routine can set your makeup and help it last as long as your to-do list does. But, all primer application techniques aren’t created equal and these few not-so-obvious tips can help you make the most of your first step.

While more is more when it comes to free chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant, when it comes to primer, less goes a long way. A small drop – think raisin size – is really all you need to get the best effects. If you use too much, it can cause your makeup to “pill” and start forming into little balls on your face.

Since we’re on the topic of application techniques, ditch that makeup brush, put the beauty blender back into your makeup bag and don’t even think about reaching for something else. All you need to apply primer is your fingers, which will give you even coverage, unlike brushes that tend to move primer around.

An Added Glow

Some people are born with a natural aura about them that pulls people in like a magnet. Those people are about as rare as a unicorn, so the rest of us have to improvise a bit. Cue, VDL’s primer. By mixing a bit of this primer with your foundation, you’ll walk out of the house with a radiant glow.

This is a good tip for all those ladies who love doing their makeup but want to retain a natural look. If you mix primer with your foundation, you’re able to keep the coverage you want, but it won’t look caked on. VDL’s Metal Cushion Primer is perfect for mixing your primer with foundation because of the metal cushion. Pushing down on the metal cushion brings an even coating of primer to the surface and since it’s metal, you can easily mix your foundation right on the plate. When you’re done applying your mixture, just use a tissue or your favorite makeup remover to wipe it clean.

Mixing only a little bit of foundation with your primer and then using your fingers to apply it on your face is also a great way to take care of some of that redness from a day out on the beach under the sun without spending a ton of time getting ready to soak up the last few hours of summer.


As a Lip Liner

Okay, okay so you love lipstick but you’re not so into the lip liner craze. Grab a flat-tipped brush and your primer and you’ll get that flawless lip line without the colored liner that’s just simply not your style.

Dip your flat-tipped brush into your primer and carefully line the outside of your lips. This helps keep your lipstick from smudging and gathering in the corner of your mouth.

If you’re pro-lip liner, primer is also an amazing way to not only help you get a longer wear from your lipstick, but it also can improve your favorite color. Just as your favorite color comes in various hues and shades, so do people’s lips, which is great because how boring would it be if we were all the same?

But, different shades of lips can yield different lip colors – kind of like how painting over different wall colors gives you a different look. You may notice if you put the VDL primer entirely on your lips that it lightens your lip color, giving your lipstick sort of a clean slate. Now, just go about your normal lip routine and you’ll possibly fall even more in love with your go-to shade.

Some of the most fun parts of makeup is figuring out what works for you and discovering new techniques to use a product. So, don’t be afraid to try something out – who knows? You may find a hidden beauty secret.

By Jenni, a University of Arizona graduate, had her first fiction novel, Sentenced to Life, published in 2015 and is currently working on her second novel. When she’s not writing, you can find her exploring New York City, doing a DIY project in her apartment, or re-watching her favorite rom-com, When Harry Met Sally.



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