Discover New Ways to Use Your Favorite Products

A change in season is the perfect time to discover something new and this fall, GLOSSYBOX is sharing some of our best kept secrets for five products’ hidden uses.

Pssst!’s Instant Dry Shampoo Spray in Coconut

Pssst!’s Instant Dry Shampoo Spray in Coconut is great for getting rid of the grease and adding instant volume in between shower days, but you can also use dry shampoo to lock in your look even if your hair is perfectly clean. If you’re opting for a classic up do for a night out, spray your bobby pins with dry shampoo before putting them in your hair. This gives them some added grip so they won’t slip out of your hair.

COTY Pretty Wild Fragrance Collection

COTY’s Pretty Wild fragrance collection has scents that are worth discovering in their own right, but perfumes and body sprays can do a whole lot more than just make you smell nice. Sometimes our favorite scent and our favorite lotion are two different products, but wouldn’t it be great to combine those two favorites? Liven up your go-to unscented lotion by adding a few drops of your favorite perfume. Now, you get all the moisture you love, with a scent that leaves a lasting impression.


VDL’s primer is an amazing start to creating a look that will last all night. Not only does it turn your face into a fresh canvas, so to speak, but it gives your makeup something to latch onto so you’re walking back in the door looking as great as you did when you left.

But, did you know you can also use VDL’s primer as a lip liner? While everyone hates lipstick smudging and gathering in the corner of their mouths, not everyone likes a lip-lined look. Just dip a flat tipped brush into your primer and closely line the outside of your lips. This can help keep your lipstick in place and prevent it from smudging.

Pai Shau Style Soufflé

Once you towel off from a much-needed shower, reach for Pai Shau’s Style Soufflé to keep the frizz at bay. Just pump one to three times into your hands when your hair is wet, making sure to work the cream from root to tip. Then, you’re ready to style your hair as usual, whether that’s turning on your blow dryer or going el natural.

Okay, so you knew that you could use styling cream right after the shower. But, did you know Style Soufflé is great to use if your hair is dry and needs a little refresher, too? Just use one to two pumps and work from root to tip to give your hair a little added defense against the lingering summer frizz.


While it’s obvious how to use an Invisibobbles hair tie to put your hair in a sleek ponytail, you can also use them to create some pretty incredible updos for those days when you have a nice event but your budget is tight. A chignon is a classic look and thanks to Invisibobbles you can be your own glam squad without spending hours pulling bobby pins out of your hair when you get home.

Secure most of your hair into a low ponytail and tuck your hair under into a bun. You can also use a sock bun to make this process easier, if you want. Then, wrap your remaining hair around the bun and use the loops of the Invisibobbles to keep your hair in place. Now, you have a perfectly done look in no time.

If you use these products as they’re intended, they’re still worthy of accolade, but keep these tips in your survival toolkit, in case you find yourself stranded and in need of a great makeup hack.


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