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Fall Into Relaxation Mode With Tocca

A whiff of fresh cut grass, burning wood or garlic simmering on the stove can instantly transport a person back to one single memory from years before as if it’d happen just a second ago. Why? Because scent is the strongest sense tied to memory. As fall settles in and the colder weather calls for a little candlelight to set the mood, allow Tocca to send you back to your fondest memories.

Born out of friendship, wanderlust and love, Tocca’s hand-crafted collection of scents has grown to include something for everyone. You also won’t have to worry about these flames going out on you because they burn for up to 60 hours.

Feeling that seasonal depression and need to have a momentary escape to the seaside? Strike a match and light your Montauk candle. With the smell of salty air, cucumber and seagrass swirling around you, close your eyes and drift away from the cold weather of fall to a place where you can practically feel the warm sun on your face.

The hectic fall season leading up to the holidays means everyone doesn’t always have time for a relaxing lengthy aromatherapy session. Fortunately, Tocca has developed a hand wash to give you both a refreshing, crisp scent and leave your hands feeling exceptionally clean.

Tocca isn’t just about providing you with the best scents, it’s also about maintaining the supple hydration of your summer skin well into the colder, drier weather. Tocca’s Montauk scent also comes in a hand lotion to work into your daily regimen.

As with all of Tocca’s candles, burning the candle all the way down doesn’t mean it’s time to throw it out. You can use the beautifully frosted glass container to hold your jewelry or for those of us with a fall sweet tooth, some candy corn.

Perhaps, you don’t want to escape where you are at the moment but you just want to make the most of it. After all, F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”

A new season calls for a reboot of your self care routine and Tocca is the perfect addition to your me-time. One of the greatest pleasures of fall is letting yourself be absorbed by that warm, cozy feeling the colder weather inevitably brings.

Tocca can’t choose the best book for your to cuddle up with or draw a bath for you, but their candles can amplify both of those wonderful indoor activities. On those days when it’s better to stay in than venture out in the world, light one of Tocca’s candles, throw on your favorite sweater and leggings and snuggle on the couch with a great book. As you throw yourself into the lives of the characters on the page, Tocca will fill the room with a captivating scent as the flame flickers.

There’s largely nothing better than coming in from a day out in the crisp fall air and slowly sliding beneath the hot water of a bath. Baths, by nature, soothe a person’s soul but ultimate relaxation can only be achieved with candlelight. As you let the hot water ease your muscles, close your eyes and take in the full aroma of your favorite Tocca candle, sure to help you let go of any worry you’re holding onto.

For some, the change of weather can be a difficult adjustment and even weigh them down. With Tocca, you can be brought back to your fondest memory, have your worries eased and find the ultimate level of relaxation this fall.

Jenni, a University of Arizona graduate, had her first fiction novel, Sentenced to Life, published in 2015 and is currently working on her second novel. When she’s not writing, you can find her exploring New York City, doing a DIY project in her apartment, or re-watching her favorite rom-com, When Harry Met Sally.



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