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Beauty Guide to Weekend Ready Hair with KENRA Professional

In the wise words of Gandhi, “It’s the freaking weekend, baby I’m about to have me some fun.” Okay, that was R. Kelly, but the message still stands. After working hard all week, you’ve earned a few days to let loose and that’s exactly what the weekend is for. Whether you’re looking for the perfect holiday hairstyle or just want to look great for a night out with friends, Kenra’s professional-grade products will have you looking like you just stepped out of the salon.

Since its founding in 1929, KENRA’s been dedicated to serving the daily needs of stylists. The brand’s passion for developing unrivaled innovations had led to the creation of products that deliver superior and reliable results.  KENRA’s high performance products give stylists the ability to create any look their client needs. Even if the stylist and the client is you.

KENRA Professional Dry Oil Control Spray 14

Made with breakthrough technology, KENRA’a Professional Dry Oil Control Spray is ideal for every look. Adding a medium hold to hair, frizz and flyaways are tamed in just seconds. Unlike other sprays that tend to dry hair out, KENRA’s nourishes each strand with a specially created oil blend.

Designed with women in mind, the spray can be used while styling or as a finishing touch. To use the spray as a styler, hold the can about 10 inches from your head. Section hair off and spray each section as you run a curler or straightener through your hair. If you prefer to use the spray as a finisher, once your look is practically complete, coat hair lightly with the dry oil control spray from mid-length to ends.

KENRA Professional Shaping Spray 21

A pioneer in the industry, KENRA’s shaping spray 21 is the first of its kind. The first shaping spray to be made without alcohol, it’s designed for maximum moisture retention. Even small amounts of alcohol in a spray can leech nourishment from hair, leaving it dry and dull. Thanks to KENRA’s alcohol-free formula, your look is locked in place with an amazing shine for hours.

Along with keeping hair set all night, KENRA’s shaping spray is also a great addition for designing your look. While working on a section of hair, just give it a spritz and then you’ll be able to mold your hair however you want.

KENRA Professional Blow Dry Spray

Creating the perfect weekend look starts with the proper blow out. A blow out lays the foundation and can add great natural volume and shine. But, when you’re working all week and trying to get ready in a hurry, it can be exhausting just thinking about taking the extra time to blow dry your hair. KENRA’s Professional Blow Dry Spray not only tames frizz, resists humidity and detangles, but it also reduces the time it takes to blow dry hair by 50 percent. That leaves 50 percent more time for rest and relaxation to prepare you for the work week ahead.

While blow drying your hair can make your locks irresistible, without the right protection, the heat from the blow dryer can damage hair, ruining your look. Fortunately, along with cutting down on the time it takes to blow dry hair, KENRA’s spray also gives hair a level of necessary thermal protection. Made with a lightweight formula, the spray smooths and softens hair while providing long lasting, healthy looking results.

To give your hair the best look possible, spray evenly on damp hair before blow drying. Then style your hair however you want.

The weekend is a time to celebrate you and while we all can’t go to the salon for a pick me-up before heading out for the night, KENRA brings the salon to you.

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