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Robin McGraw Revelation: Inside Look

Robin McGraw’s luxury skin care line, Robin McGraw Revelation, was designed with women in mind. A long-time philanthropist, Robin McGraw has always sought out ways to help others and Revelation is no different. Born out of a painful realization she had following her mother’s passing, Revelation gives women the chance to put themselves first and feel empowered.

When her husband, known commonly to the public as Dr. Phil, told her that her mother, Georgia,  passed away, Robin was dumbfounded. Her mother wasn’t even 60 years old, yet. She’d never been sick and there wasn’t a time Robin could remember her ever seeing a doctor.

“And that’s when I had my revelation: she’s never been to the doctor because she never took the time to schedule an appointment for herself,” Robin said. “She took me to the doctor, my sisters, my brother, never herself. That’s why that day I lost her, at the young age of 58, to undiagnosed heart disease.”

Out of the pain of losing her mother from what Robin believed was a lack of self care, emerged her aptly named skin care line, Revelation, in 2016. Her luxury skin care line offers women everything from age-defying serums to powerful moisturizers, with one goal in mind. To inspire women to appreciate themselves and take pride in their own, unique beauty.

“I truly believe that a woman must embody the belief that it is not selfish to put herself first, to take care of herself- her mind, her body, her soul- so that she can be the healthiest and happiest possible; so she can take care of those she loves.”

Along with serving as the catalyst for Robin’s entrance into the world of skin care, Robin also honored her mother with a namesake Bath & Essence line inspired by her mother’s spirit, love and strength.

Robin McGraw Revelation Georgia Moisturizing Hand Cream

Always dedicated to self-care, the Georgia Moisturizing Hand Cream is ideal for a pampering session between checking off items on the to-do list. Made with a rapidly-absorbing formula of nourishing mango butter and antioxidant-rich milk thistle, hardworking hands are hydrated and repaired quickly.

Robin McGraw Revelation Georgia Eau de Parfum

Robin’s mother, Georgia, embodied what it meant to be fierce and fabulous, and now other woman can experience the same power of being a complex woman. A perfect blend of top notes bergamot, pink freesia, and water lotus brought the Georgia Eau de Parfum to life, giving women an entrance to be remembered. Followed by endearing middle notes and base notes, the wearer becomes a formidable force against being forgotten.

Robin McGraw Revelation Georgia Foaming Shower Gel

There’s arguably not truer saying than, “A woman’s work is never done,” and as a mother, best selling author, entrepreneur and wife, Robin’s well aware of the demands facing modern day women. Many women don’t have time to spend an entire day or even an entire morning at the spa, but they can bring the spa to them with the Georgia Foaming Shower Gel. An irresistible blend of soothing botanicals engulfs the senses and leaves skin feeling relaxed, refreshed and baby soft.   

Robin McGraw Revelation Georgia Hydrating Body Butter

After decompressing in the shower with the foaming shower gel, apply the Georgia Hydrating Body Butter for the ultimate indulgence in skin cravings. The luxuriously rich cream packed with antioxidants absorbs quickly into skin for a boost of moisture and an added delicate fragrance.

Georgia’s inspiration on Robin to help others extends far past empowering women to love themselves. When Georgia Smiled, a charitable foundation created by Robin in 2013, creates and advances programs to help victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault. By providing victims with shelter, support, education, counseling and healing, they’re able to live healthy, safe and joyous lives.

After a few successful years, When Georgia Smiled joined forces with The Dr. Phil Foundation to take their charitable efforts to new heights. Merging the two foundations enabled them to give more generously to organizations and programs to end domestic violence and child abuse.

Along with programs for victims of domestic violence, the organization also funds grants to provide children in foster care with safe and loving homes, as well as, educational and emotional support.

Their foundation’s efforts aren’t confined to the East and West Coasts of the United States, either. Places throughout the country and worldwide continue to experience natural disasters and since joining forces, Phil and Robin extended their foundation’s financial reach to disaster relief efforts.  


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