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Discover Korean Beauty’s Chok Chok Look With VDL

“She just has this glow about her.”

We’ve all heard countless people use those exact works – or a variation of that sentiment – to describe countless different women. Sure, some women are just born with this natural aura around them that draws people to them like a moth to a flame. It’s kind of like that “it” factor agents are always using to describe perfect Hollywood trifectas. You’re either born with it or you’re not.

Unfortunately, there’s no magic makeup wand you can wave to suddenly have that level of God-given attraction. However, there’s a pretty good substitute to achieve that natural radiance that makes an entire room stop and stare.

Chok Chok. Two words, one powerful ability to transform your skin. Translated to “damp” or “moist,” the Korean beauty ritual gives you beautifully hydrated, glowing skin.

What is Chok Chok?

Still not able to grasp exactly what Chok Chok is? Picture those women who look stunning without appearing to have even a drop of makeup on, that’s what Chok Chok achieves.  If you’ve ever spent a day at a spa, walked into the bathroom in your cushy, salon robe and looked at your skin – the face you see staring back at you is a Chok Chok glow. Clean, dewy-fresh, intensely hydrated and plump skin.

How Does VDL Play Into This?

 With a mission to create the ultimate in beauty for women who dare to live out their dreams, the Korean beauty brand, VDL, believes that true beauty comes from natural vibrancy. We all know that we’re supposed to feel best in the skin we were born in. But, if we’re being honest, going for a natural makeup look can leave us feeling a bit naked.

That’s the beauty of Chok Chok. Yes, it’s about being natural, but it’s also about enhancing your own radiance so you get an instant confidence boost every time you look in the mirror. The saying goes, “Easier said than done,” but fortunately, achieving the Chok Chok look is about as easy as talking about Chok Chok – as long as you stay focused on hydration.

What Products Do I Need?

It’s a bit of an oxymoron – use these makeup products for a no makeup look. But, Chok Chok doesn’t mean swearing off makeup for good, it’s just about choosing the right products.

VDL Lumilayer Primer

Made with VDL’s trademark Lumilayer Prismatic Pearls, VDL’s Lumilayer Primer captures and reflects light to turn your skin into a smooth surface with a soft, luminescent glow. Within the prismatic pearls are red and blue pigments that emit a violet sheen for a Chok Chok lit-from-within radiance.

As a primer, it’s meant to be used as an early step in your makeup routine. After your skincare routine is done, apply your foundation and let the Lumilayer Primer go to work prolonging and enhancing the wear of your foundation.

VDL Lumilayer Primer Fresh

When you think about hydration it’s likely moisturizers and lotions that come to mind. But, with VDL, you can get your daily dose of hydration and radiance in the same chicly packaged product. VDL’s Lumilayer Primer Fresh is an ultra-hydrating primer that leaves skin sun-kissed and flawless thanks to its sparkling pigments.

Unlike other makeup products that clog your pores and dry out skin, the Lumilayer Primer Fresh delivers moisture deep into your face to give your complexion a much-needed dose of vitality. Created with a lightweight formula with a perfect tint, it can be used as both a primer or a moisturizer.

VDL Lumilayer Primer Metal Cushion

Push down on VDL’s Lumilayer Metal Cushion to uncover a primer that nourishes and prepares skin for flawless makeup application. With 90 percent of the formula dedicated to skin-conditioning agents such as Vitamin C derivatives and Niacinamide, dry, rough skin is transformed into a healthy, glowing complexion.

After you’re finished with your skincare routine, apply the primer with a puff applicator by patting the product into skin. To create an extra glow, mix your foundation with the primer on the metal plate!

Embracing a new makeup look, especially one that relies on your natural beauty, can be intimidating. But, give Chok Chok a try and allow yourself to be the truly radiant woman that you are. Plus, you may find that when you’re legitimately glowing from within, it’s far easier to be confident when you see those heads turn.

Jenni, a University of Arizona graduate, had her first fiction novel, Sentenced to Life, published in 2015 and is currently working on her second novel. When she’s not writing, you can find her exploring New York City, doing a DIY project in her apartment, or re-watching her favorite rom-com, When Harry Met Sally.



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