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Oh Hey Spring, Is That You I Smell? Proenza Schouler’s Arizona Eau De Parfum

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Feeling the February blues yet? While this month is the epitome of lust and romance, it’s also just another wintery cold stretch of four weeks and let’s face, it’s no walk in the park. Glossies are no strangers to dreaming up warm spring breezes while bearing 20 degree temperatures, but we do have other ways of summoning such an anticipated warm season sooner than you think.


Some Glossies are whipping out their white denim, floral billowy blouses, and perhaps maybe even adorning their rooms with fresh arrangements of colorful daisies. These cheery, simple acts may do the trick, but there is no stronger remedy than that of scent. Proenza Schouler’s Arizona Eau de Parfum proves that are senses are the direct pathway to feeling right at the center of a much desired place and time. True to its name, this perfume instantaneously transfers you to the vast desert warmth and stillness of Arizona.


Made with the sweet, aromatic scent of living cactus flower, its fragrance welcomes you to the rush of fresh, new beginnings. To further innovate, it is also infused with creamy orris, the root of the sweet iris flower which helps strongly maintain its floral scent while simultaneously exuding a woodsy depth in fragrance. Together, both notes inspire the beautiful vibrant nature of the season along with a warm stillness you want to remember time and time again.


This month is just that time. As we spritz on some Arizona Eau de Parfum before we brave the the chill, we’ll keep in mind that spring is on its way, we can smell it.

A few perfume tips for our most fragrant Glossies:
  1. Rub Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying perfume. The sticky consistency of the Vaseline will make the skin hold on the fragrance longer.
  2. If you don’t know where you should spritz, here are some body points that are often forgotten when wearing perfume:
    • Your hair (spritz some on your hair brush before brushing for a subtle lasting aroma)
    • Inside the elbows - The pulse points of the body are where the veins flow close to the skin. These areas produce heat which help activate a scent faster, so don’t forget to spray these veiny areas!
Writer and expert
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