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Valentine’s Day may be so last week, but we still want to show some of our favorite glam goodies some love this month. We’ve compiled makeup, skincare and even a fragrance for all our Glossies to indulge in, but more importantly, to feel beautiful with day and night. Sealed with Glossy kisses, we’re keeping the romance alive with the below must-haves for you enjoy!

Proenza Schouler Arizona

As prominent as it’s designer wear name, this luxe fragrance takes you into an Arizona state of mind. With a unique fragrance notes made from living cactus flower and cream orris accord, it exudes and innovative floral scent made for day or night.

Zea Facial Wipes

Made with the nourishing and soothing benefits of Rose Oil, these wipes gently cleanse and moisturize the skin. Perfect for on the go or daily use, these rescue wipes remove the toughest of makeup (yes, waterproof mascara included!) or any unwanted residue accumulated during the day.

KOCOSTAR Rose Flower Mask

Infused with Rose nutrients, KOCOSTAR Flower Mask offers a creative and effective way in using a face mask. Made of tencel fibers from eucalyptus tree, these individual compact petals gently help hydrate and restore the skin.  Pore refinement and toning is another benefit from this mask while it helps target specific areas of your skin by offering intense moisture and hydration.

Copper and Crane Gardens of Blenheim Candle

Bring the lush dreaminess of a blooming garden by slowly burning this aromatic bouquet infused candle. Filled with the scent of wild lilies and deep roses, its scent embodies a countryside romantic feel. Make this your bedroom aura’s staple or part of your living room ambience.

Ren Limited Edition Perfect Canvas Serum Primer

Smooth, hydrate, and naturally prime skin with this limited-edition serum. From combination to sensitive skin, this product restores moisture, while visibly lifting the skin’s texture. Used as a prepping step for flawless, long-lasting makeup application, it perfects your looks with just one step.

Hero Cosmetics – Mighty Patch Invisible+

Nothing is more heroic than an on the spot acne patch that takes care of business in a jiffy. These hydrocolloid acne stickers protect blemishes for faster healing overnight. Each pimple patch acts as a protective cover and prevents touching. So you can relax while one little patch does all the work for you.

Cirem 3-In-1 Serum

Made with every skincare enthusiast’s three trusted ingredients: Retinol, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid – this serum provides the skin with all the nourishment and refinement one needs to glow from within. Retinol repairs and rejuvenates the skin by refining pores and minimizing the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C helps promote the skin’s natural collagen while brightening and evening the skin tone. The almighty Hyaluronic Acid gives the skin a perfect extra boost of plumpness while preserving it. This isn’t just any serum.

Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb Soap

Awaken your senses with this elegant, bathroom must-have. Bursting with floral like jasmine, rose and orchid, this soap elevates your shower experience to a more luxe and delicate feel. This chic, pale pink soap with a satin finish beautifully details any bathroom just as it does your scent, post-bath.

Koh Gen Do Spa Cleansing Water

Made with Koh Gen Do’s signature blend of soothing mineral-rich thermal water and conditioning botanical extracts, this cleansing water removes even the toughest of waterproof makeup. With the help of six essential herbs like rosemary, sage and lavender, it gently nurtures the skin, without stripping it. Its moisturizing consistency leaves the skin nourished yet refreshed, like every cleanser should do.

Byredo Flowerhead Body Cream

Inspired by the gorgeous flower heads which are exchanged by the bride and groom in traditional Indian weddings as a token of mutual respect, this romantic cream is a part of Byredo’s FLOWERHEAD collection. Enveloped with top notes of Angelica Seeds, Lingonberry, Sicilian Lemon along with Jasmine and Rose petals as its heart notes, it’s a cream scent that lingers deliciously on your body.

RMS Beauty Champagne Rose Luminizer

This cheeky and seductive highlighter offers a champagne, rosy sheen, perfect for a flirty finish day or night. For a glow, ethereal effect, you can pop this luminous highlighter to your brow bone, cheeks, neckline, cupids bow and more. Even more appealing, this makeup-must is clean and cruelty free.

Charlotte Tilbury – Matte Revolution

Whether your go-to lip color is rosy pink, a deep red, or even a sexy nude, Charlotte Tilbury’s matte collection has got you covered. From a brand that has some of the best makeup essentials, it brings yet another array of vibrant colors to dress your lips with no matter what look your going for.  For a primp and proper pink, try Matte Revolution in Miss Kensington, but if you’re feeling extra daring, pop some of Matter Revolution’s Bond Girl.

Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks Blush Stick – Poppet

A soft, easy to wear stick blush is every girl’s best friend whether you’re dolling up at home or on-the-go. Westman Atelier’s Baby Cheeks has a soft to the touch, creamy consistency which adds to the colorful shade that it deposits on the skin. Made with jojoba oil and berry, it’s texture glides on the skin for a gentle application. This blush stick is available in four subtle yet striking shades, including Poppet, a bold intensified pink for those of us who love a pop.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Achieving a flawless foundation finish requires an effective tool to do all the work for you when applying it on your face.  Real Techniques Expert Face Brush is made to properly distribute and apply liquid foundation that is perfectly blended and buffed. It’s built as an ultra-firm and broad brush with plush bristles that help make your application quick, easy and airbrushed.










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