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Save Your Skin with Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch

Hero Cosmetics and Rescuing Your Skin

Unless your genes are impeccable, everyone has dealt with acne once in their life. But instead of covering the problem, how about a product that can actually treat it?

Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch is an on-the-spot acne remedy that blends with the skin for all day wear while tackling your blemishes underneath. It solves the modern dilemma of acne we’ve all experienced or may continue to experience day in and day out.

In fact, you can read one of our favorite GLOSSY’s experience below!  Yealim Kong (@andbibi) gives us her personal take on acne and how she deals with confidence. As an NYC influencer, she takes fab to the streets in her best chic style, but admits she is no stranger to dealing with skin issues, big or small. She is the real deal.

Take a peek while you binge-watch yet another Dr. Pimple Popper Youtube video – yes, we watch her too!


Her Take with Yealim Kong (@andbibi)

Now that I’m in my thirties, acne is not exactly my biggest concern in comparison to my teen years with hormonal acne popping up more frequently then. But, even though hormonal acne is no longer a major concern for me, pimples and breakouts still happen to pop up at any time I want to show my best face.

I tried covering my breakouts using heavy concealers in the past, but the idea of heavy make-up, in general, is just not for me. In fact, concealer makes me feel as if I am clogging up my pimple/affected area even more, making the issue worse, as it may stay on my face longer.

I’d rather use something that directly fixes any skin issue I have, which is where Mighty Patch comes into play.

Photo credit via Yealim Kong @andbibi

It is a hydrocolloid patch that heals the area faster with a camouflage effect, meaning it’s an invisible patch that is doing all the work while I just sit and go about my day. Besides dealing with your blemish altogether, it relieves that frustrating thought of “what do I need to do to this pimple disappear asap?”

We all want an instant, magical fix. It’s all about confidence when it comes to your skin, especially when you are ready to start the day, no matter what is on your face. For me, Mighty Patch is one of those easy fixes that helps me regain my confidence during my worst, sudden breakout days.

You just never know when they’ll ‘pop’ up.

Schane Flowers

Schane Flowers

Writer and expert