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Yensa’s New SKIN ON SKIN Line: An Empowering Foundation


How much do you think about what sets the stage for your skin?

That’s what female-founder Jennifer Yen wanted to confront with her superfood-based skincare brand Yensa. To empower women with healthy solutions to give themselves their best head start.

Superfood Recap: Our History With Yensa

We first encountered Yensa’s coveted beauty secrets with their Pumpkin Turmeric Mask (Pumpkin season’s about to officially be over. #sadface). And then again in this month’s Modern Beauty box with their silky Essential Glow Tone Up Primer, which was heavenly and added a hint of inner…

Well..glow to our faces here at the office.

And today, they’re adding another step towards beautiful skin with a great foundation (see what we did there?) for more to come.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Yensa will be launching their new foundation line Skin On Skin BC Foundation.

Foundation of Empowerment

Along with the product launch, eight Superwomen Ambassadors including Jennifer Yen herself, will be sharing stories of how they empower themselves and seek to empower others by discussing their different career paths and obstacles they’ve overcome.

Among the eight women is Instagram model sensation Deddeh Howard, who used established brand ad photos to recreate a photo project, titled “Black Mirror” (no relation to the show, but just as awesome) with herself in the white model’s place to point out the flaws of ‘false diversity’ in the modeling industry.

Beside her are American actress, singer and mother of two Jana Kramer along with Youtube Star Michelle Phan, who started her platform creating makeup tutorials and rose up to becoming the face of brands such as Lacome.

All the Shade for Every Woman

Each woman also has a respective shade in the line’s launch. This is to show Yensa’s inclusiveness of all women and their walks of life, which we’re so excited for!

Personally, a few of us follow Michelle religiously. We love her honest and positive videos and can’t wait for her to come back to Youtube!

The launch will bring forth what Yensa has being bringing into the industry. And that is inclusion, truth, and support for women.

YENSA will also be donating one foundation per purchase to Dress for Success. The promotion will run from March 8th, 2019 to April 19th, 2019

Who’s story are you excited to hear? A few members of our office are excited about Jennifer and Deddeh! Let us know in the comments!

Schane Flowers

Schane Flowers

Writer and expert