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Discover JAFRA’s Skin Care Secret

Did you know the name behind JAFRA is the combination of its co-founders names, Jan and Frank Day? Well, now you know! But do you also know why JAFRA is one of the leading beauty brands of the decade?

Beauty Secrets From Ancient Beginnings

Founded by Jan and Frank, they studied ancient beauty secrets of the Egyptians. But their biggest focus with JAFRA was to empower women with the freedom to be themselves.

JAFRA recently launched their new JAFRA ROYAL brand, which allows you to choose what ritual you need based on your skin concerns. At the pinnacle sits the JAFRA ROYAL Revitalize ritual, a clinically proven anti-aging regimen to give you years younger looking skin in just 4 weeks.

Excuse us, we need a fainting couch.

But clinical studies never lie, and neither does a brand that has been around for over 60 years and empowers women in skincare, makeup, fragrance and business (can we say the ultimate formula for #bossbabe?) Here’s JAFRA’s key Skincare Secret.

Removing Impurities, and Adding Color!

A huge flaw with other skincare brands is that they separate the needs of makeup and the needs of skincare. Not the case with JAFRA, they combine the two! Under Royal also sits their Royal Color line, GORGEOUS.

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Every product is powered by JAFRA’s exclusive Royal Jelly and breakthrough technology of Royal Jelly RJx that blends beautiful color and skin nourishing hydration.

So what is Royal Jelly and this new technology discovery? We are so glad you asked!

Royal Jelly: The Secret Ingredient of JAFRA

Royal Jelly sounds like a treat because it is. After over 60 years of research, it’s been JAFRA’s biggest breakthrough and a skincare maverick for its anti-aging properties and skin restoration abilities. Royal Jelly is a wonderful combination of amino acids and vitamins derived from the food bees make for the queen bee that allows her to live up to 40 times longer than worker bees.

This powerful ingredient can be found in any of JAFRA’s ROYAL products. But that isn’t even the half of it! JAFRA has also harnessed the power of this ingredient by creating a powerful technology. Royal Jelly RJx is JAFRA’s exclusive technology that boosts the POWER, POTENCY and PRECISION of nature’s royal jelly, to increase skin’s resistance against aging over time.

This propriety technology is ready to take the beauty industry by storm!

Everyone’s a Queen: A Royal For Every Woman

To be clear, Royal Jelly and their new technology isn’t only for one ‘type’ of woman. In fact, JAFRA has made multiple Royal lines to suit every woman’s skincare needs in their lifetime! The ROYAL Revitalize line is the top-tier collection for women showing advanced signs of aging. Whereas the ROYAL Boost skin care ritual is for those just beginning to see aging signs and targeted to skin type. You can choose from either the oil/combination/normal ritual or the dry/sensitive ritual.

And for the ladies who may not have an anti-aging issue, but a skin discoloration, dark spots and pigmentation as concerns, you can look to the ROYAL Luna Bright: a ritual which is appropriate for all skin types. But JAFRA has shown no signs of stopping with their skincare and makeup line. With the key to successful rejuvenation, they seek to improve their line every year to keep to their mission.

JAFRA’s Constant Strive for Excellence

You would think after 60 years of research, most industries would stop the research. But just like the modern working woman is constantly improving herself, JAFRA knows that products can always be improved, refined, and upgraded as technology advances and more discoveries are made.

With the mission of “transforming the lives of millions of women around the world,” they want to share new discoveries, develop women’s businesses and to keep women looking and being the best version of themselves, now and into the future.

Schane Flowers

Schane Flowers

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