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Highlighting Tips with DWTN Paris

Schane Flowers
Writer and expert5 years ago
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It should be no surprise that one of the best highlighters on the scene came from the City of Lights. But when does the glow up become too much? Where does it stop? Here’s our tips on getting your best shine with a play-by-play on how to best apply one of our favorite highlighters, DWTN Paris.

Start with a Good Foundation

Even out your skin tone and cover up any imperfections with some good foundation. Remember to start from the center (cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead) and then blend out towards your hairline and down using a foundation brush or makeup blender.Tip: It’s best to use products with the same chemical state: If you’re using a cream highlighter, then you should be using a cream foundation and blush. AKA: Keep it all in the family!

Apply Concealer and Contour

Next is to apply concealer and contouring!  Taking the same makeup blender tool (or a new one) buff your contour below your cheekbones, onto temples, and down the sides of your nose.Tip: If you’d like, now is a good time to add a cream blush by blending the color in from the center of your cheeks and going back towards your ears.

Add The Glow Up: Highlight with DWTN Paris!

Next, you can buff or dot the highlighter above your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, on the inner corners of eyes, and above your cupid’s bow (between your lips and nose). Blend out with a fingertip for a seamless shine.Tip: Highlighter is almost always one of the last steps for applying makeup so it’s not blurred by other products.

Ready, Set!

Keeping up with utilizing liquids, set your makeup with a spray to keep your sparkle in place. And you’re out the door! Share your shine with the world!  Bonus tip: For an extra, extra glow, mix a few drops of highlighter with your foundation  for an all over radiance.

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Schane Flowers
Writer and expert
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